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I.O.M Summer series Round 6 20th June 2021

A great day at Lincoln, weather turned out fine with no rain and a decent veering breeze from the North to the East. Thirteen skippers turned out and two of them spent most of the time sitting and contolling their boats from one of the benches on the eastbank, at least they had a sail!!!. Fathers day may have had an adverse effect on numbers and also with some skippers leaving a tad early, we welcomed Darin B from Manor park and hope he enjoyed his day.

14 races were completed and in race one Keith H 88 got of to a cracking start with a win followed by a second and another bullitt in race 3, Rob W 97 was struggling a little in the early stages but picked up the pace around race 5. Jen H 69 had done allsorts to the boat including new mast and sails, and was not quite at her best, but we all know she will sort it. Peter Cogill and Roger Bowtle did a great job as OOD’s and kept everything moving at a good pace, Mick Cooper 39 tried hard but his knee was to painfull and he had to call it a day Mike W 162 had a port and starboard and ended up with his winch lines off the drum. Rob Wilson previously unbeaten had fathers day comitments, as did others, and so at the end we were left with only six racing out of thirteen, which was dissapointing.

Superb win for Keith clearly got the Sedici trim spot on so well done Keith, Tim Hand a good second and Darin our very welcome visitor taking third spot , it would have been so different if everybody had stayed till the end, but we look forward to round seven on the 4th July, I hear that may be independance day. Results below

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