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GOLDEN JUBILEE 1971 – 2021

This year 2021 is Lincoln Radio Sailing Club’s Golden Jubilee year, the club was formed on the 12th February 1971 by three founding members, one of whom was Mr H, G Priestley, who became the chairman . The club has steadily grown in membership and is now a fantastic club in the Midlands offering competetive radio sailing for three well known classes, I.O.M, DF65, and DF95 At the present time the club is under Covid 19 restrictions and is not open for sailing. Please watch this space and of course our Face Book page for any updates and a return to the sport we all love . We will of course organize a small party when applicable.

Picture courtesy of Sue Brown DF 65 sailing

SAILING SUSPENDED 31st December 2020

Due to the latest COVID 19 restrictions the club at Scotland Farm will not be holding organised racing until further notice.

Busy weekend at Lincoln
Some of the very best in the UK at Lincoln

DF 65 Round Three

” N.T.W.S ” 27th December 2020

A window of nice weather !!! Storm Bella , it came and it went , and in between left a very nice Sunday where A + rigs were deployed in all case except one, which was due to a rig breakage. Breeze South West around 8 to 10 knots straight down the lake as we like it . Seven skippers and two helpers had another good mornings racing, Its not so easy anymore at the club with many skippers improving and you have to be on your toes in this sort of company, ( keeping socially distanced of course ) .

Pete W 65 was not hanging around taking wins in the first two races, that were all about the shifts on the beat, and Pete played them to perfection, leaving some pretty good skippers checking there trim. Race Three and Mick Ch may well hahve thought his luck or maybee even skill had returned, but his dream was shatterd in race four, with the shear pace of the little green 65 of Pete. Keith who has the skills to match the best was finding pace difficult to find, as were many others. Mike W 176 had a brief flurry and pulled a very good second, But like I said you needed to be inch perfect on the shifts, one missed and it was not easy to recover.

Meanwhile Pete 65 was rampaging on with three straight wins that even John Tushingham would have been proud of ,, and then the wind filled in for the last two or three races, a bit of dive bombing on the run and well overpressed on the beat, despite the forecast saying it would reduce, Keith 669 took race nine, his first win of the day,,, and then Mick Ch cleared up the last two races in probably B suit conditions , maybe drawing on his experience at Birkenhead two years ago when the whole fleet struggled to keep boats afloat when in C suit !!!!! “Memories”

The day belonged to Pete W 65who has come on in leaps and bound since starting Radio Sailing this year , Pete Webster was at a disadvantage from the start having to sail with a B rig , but all in all a great set of races, which quite a few skippers missed out on. VERY WELL DONE PETE WALTERS

Many many thanks to Greg who did our scoring and took a, few pics which we are all grateful for, Pete forgot the bottle of red , so I took it home and had it with a nice joint or pork ( Cheers mate ) Well this is the last race of 2020 , a year which has knocked the country back a bit and has not help our beloved Sport, lets hope that 2021 will improve after the first couple of months so the we can all meet up with our mates again .

Great close racing, come and join Lincoln for 2021 ,, the competetion gets better and better ” HAPPY NEW YEAR ”

4 quick boats
Socially Distanced
Good tight racing
Keiths red hot DF 65
Clear air lets have some
ah thats better

Not spell checked in case your asking !!!!

I.O.M, n.t.w.s, round 5

I generally seem to start off by saying how great the racing was at the lake
on Sunday!!!! But not this week, the racing this week exceeded all expectations
and was I quote probably the best I have seen throughout 2020. The weather,
Sunshine, Breeze, probably 9 to 11 knots, straight down the East bank , gave
the 13 skippers a perfect beat and run course, the great company and
camaraderie, throughout racing took your breath away.

We had a newish Sedici 13 ( 13 oh no ) at the lake for the first time, and unfortunately
before the start it had a drum and lines failure, that engaged a couple of
skippers sorting repairs during the first race, to enable Pete to enjoy the rest of the morning . Rob Wilson GBR 97 was quick off thestart line with Keith gbr 88 in hot pursuit, Dave Rigby with his Vision taking
third spot. Race two and all 14 skippers were in the line for the start, Tim Hand gbr 44
got the win with Keith gbr 88 gaining another 2nd place , and Dave R gbr 57
getting third spot, Racing was very competitive all through the fleet and some
amazing battles going on Jen Hand and Chris Graves both with Brit Pops giving
it everything. Adrian Cripps rarely seen this year started off steady but by
halfway had picked up the pace.

Race 3 and 4 saw Mick Ch gbr 46 pick up the pace with two wins, and yet again Consistent
Keith gbr 88 proving once again you do not have to win every race with 4
seconds in a row, and the rest fighting over 3 rd spot, Race 5 and Keith gbr 88
finally took the win with Dave Rigby and Rob Wilson 2nd and 3rd Mick Ch had
lent his boat to the clubs guest for the morning , Vice Chair of the MYA Darin
Ballington, who did rather well with it as you would expect. Race 6 and Mick Ch
got his boat back, and got another bullet, with Dave and Tim in hot pursuit.

Race 7 Keith got his second win of the day in the Sedici through steady
conservative sailing , Chris G gbr 11 taking 2nd place and Rob with 3rd, Tim
seemed to go off the boil a little in the last 3 races but in race 8 Jen Hand
gbr 69 got the win from Adrian gbr 77 with Keith getting one of his worst
results of the morning 3rd !!! the other being a 5th, Last race of the morning
and the breeze had increased a tad and some boats had the odd dive, The Sedici
of Mick Ch took the win with Keith coming home in 2nd place and Dave R taking
3rd spot .

The racing was, as I have said before, fantastic with a very good nature, and
friendly spirit. But I need to thank firstly Tim and Jen Hand who tacked some non-slip
carpet to the jetty’s, and also to Tim for sorting out the start line buoys ,
many thank also to Greg and Tony who came and did our scoring and also took a
few photos , and also to all the skippers who helped put the gear out and then put the gear away. Oh and by the way thanks to Rob our OOD fantastic job mate , get that britpop sorted .

Very well done to Keith Holmes who won the day with a very consistent
set of results he sailed exceptionally well and should be proud of the cool
calm way in which he achieved his result , it just proves what I have always
said ,
” you don’t need to win every race to win a series”

It was also very nice to see Ed Whitaker who has been absent for a while ,
he is having his hip replacement operation on the 12th January so give him a
couple of months and he will be back with us ( Covid allowing )

“SCOTTO” read the news on thursday !!


Hot racing at Lincoln

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