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DF 65 Winter series round two 27th November 2022

Pleasant day light winds and warm , 10 skippers raced could have been 11 but hey ho, bit of a delay due to no wind at all and finally got going on the south bank , Pete W 65 took the first bullet with Gordon B 23 taking 2nd and Jen H 69 taking third, the fleet then moved to the East bank as the breeze could not make its mind up, and was real fluky, Jen won race two and Dave R 180 trying to get into his stride after a couple weeks away, took second , and the much improved Peter Webster 26 taking third spot. races 3 and 4 saw Pete W 65 take the the wins and was clearly into his stride getting a second and two more bullets, to seal the day. Jen H 69 retired with a faulty rudder, but Gordon Bennett had the best day of all getting 3rd place on the day, Alan N 232 had a completely off day and will be very disappointed, and it was great to see Alan B sailing his original DF 65 with no A + rig. We welcomed a visitor Steve I believe and hope to see more of him in the future, 2 or 3 skippers missing for this round , and the wind was lighter than forecast , Very well done to Pete W 65 for his win which will surely now take him to the top of the cumulative series but there is a fair way to go in this exciting series, Well done everybody for a great mornings sailing.

Pete Walters winner of round two

DF 95 Winter series round two 20th November 2022

Cracking day at the farm , 13 skippers on the start line, breeze was a top suit day and it was coming from WNW at around 10 knots , It was a Buddy day where the experienced help out the less so, Many boats were set up by the old bloke , and it has to be said nobody complained and and I feel everybody seemed to sail really well, and a lot had results during the morning that maybe they were not expecting. Racing was close all thru the fleet , but straight out of the blocks Pete W 65 took the first two races, from Mick C 46 who in the first race judged the last mark completely wrong and ended up doing a turn.

The course sorted by Pete and Mick was a big zig and a small zag which gave the fleet two good beats and a long run, probably the most improved skipper on the day was Graham K 79 , but to be honest a few skippers were shining , Peter C 110 was right up there, Roger B 448 had some great results, in fact it was countback time for the two men from the East of our county.

Pete Webster 26 was showing a marked improvement finishing well ahead of Cooperman 53, Ed W 31 has lifted himself off the bottom shelf and when he gets the advised adjustment done on his boat there will be no holding him back,Mike W 76 had some great results but as we have said so many times for most of us consistency is the key, not sure what was going on with Kevin E 02 but he was mainly in reverse and he really is better than that, sort it on Wednesday Kev. The sharp end was tooth and nail between Pete W 65 and the old bloke Mick C 46, and it was exciting racing , with Pete W 65 winning the last three races it was touch and go who would take the top step, Mick C 46 prevailed, and took it by two points from Pete W, Jen Hand came home in third place after what must be said was a great mornings racing 11 quite long races using the four minute countdown worked well with the finish not to far from the start line and that was the key

Well done to Micky boy and greatest thank to all skippers who made this a morning to delight in.

Above racing at Fleetwood a couple years ago .

I.O.M Winter Series Round 3, 13th November 2022

Nice, Great turnout for round three of this series, which had it all, a great mixture of both experienced and less experienced skippers descended on the farm for a round three shootout, it had been publicised, well before hand that help would be available to the less experience and so it was, the top guys certainly stood up and helped with settings and rig tune, and I am sure this was well received.

Moving on Chris and Stuart sorted out all the stuff that needs sorting with a course on the South bank and unusually a gate at the weather marks certainly helped the carnage that may well have happened , Breeze was light top suit conditions, and the direction was near perfect for the two beats and runs and a final beat to the finish. first race had the V10 of Tim H 44 taking the bullet, and Mick C 46 a close second , third was Darin B 98 , race two and Tim H 44 was on fire taking it from Chris E 74 , and Darin B 98 getting another third. Very competitive racing was going on where ever you were, up and down the fleet, and this made it preety exciting for all, little re tunes were going on between races, in one little group only 1 point separated three boats 14th 15th and 16th only separated by 1 point and one of the skippers it was his first time out with his boat. Back at the top it was fast and furious

with Darin B 98 taking race three and four Chris E 74 came back from the brink with three 2nd places at the end, as you can see it was tight at the top with only three points in it, in the top three, and only 4 points adrift was 4th place, with both Darin and Tim getting three wins apiece out of the 8 races this was great racing, have a look at the results everybody and try and re-live where you perhaps could have done better, and come back for round four and try to do just a tad better. You will always get help from the top guys and girls so don’t be afraid to get to the lake early and ask .

Justwant to say many thanks to all skipper for the manner this round was sailed in and the best behaviour on the bank by all.

Darin B 98 we are getting closer, but many congratulations for your win, in fact well done the podium.

Hopefully we will see you all next time.

10 R Ranking 3 and 4 at Lincoln 5th 6th November 2022

10R Ranking 3- Saturday Results

A smaller than usual fleet sailing in tricky conditions at Lincoln Radio Sailing Club, but as always those who sailed the best rose to the top.

Well Done Hugh McAdoo.

Hugh McAdoo- 20pts- Spectre P8

Duncan Ellis- 21pts- Trance

Darin Ballington- 24pts- Sonix

Colin Harper- 28pts- Trance

Roy Stevens- 34pts- Trance

Robert Wilson- 40pts- Defector

Graham Hetem- 58pts- Spectre P8

Above Hugh MacAdoo winner on Saturday

And Sundays races

Another tricky day with little breeze but thanks to the efforts of club and skippers 8 races were completed before the predicted downpour arrived.

10R Ranking 4 -Sunday Lincoln Radio Sailing Club


Darin Ballington 10pts-Prizm

Duncan Ellis 11pts-Trance

Hugh McAdoo 14pts- Spectre P8

Roy Stevens 15pts-Trance

Rob Wilson 24pts- Defector

Graham Hetem 34pts- Spectre P8

Thanks to all members of Lincoln Radio Sailing Club and the Race Team including Pete Walters as PRO.

Above Darin Ballington Winner on Sunday

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