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DF 95 summer series Round 6 14th August 2022

A very hot day, and we have had a few of them lately, Kevin was OOD and got some help from some of the skippers to get things set up. On arrival it was a northerly and the forecast was for it to veer into the North East, Not sure what happened because not only was it a light airs day it was all over the place,

Mick C 46 took the first bullet, closely followed by Jen H 69, and in third was Mick Cooper 39, the course was one long beat and run followed by a short beat to the finish, again numbers were down for all sorts of reasons but still we had 9 skippers, Jen H 69 took the win in the next race from Mick C 46 and keeping up his consistency was Mick Cooper 39 getting another 3rd position, Alan Newman 438 then took complete control even though his jib luff looked extremely loose and won by a country mile seemingly keeping what breeze there was all the way round the course, In race 4 Jen H 69 took the win from Mick Cooper 39 with the other Mick in third. Peter C 110 was having a good day in the light and after some adjustment on Colin T 431 by Jen ,he seemed to be going much better, Mike W 76 with his hand still heavily plastered was struggling a little, and Kevin with the OOD on his mind was not at his best, Peter Helen, who ultimately works out the results for us, had one or two decent results, but could do with some one to one work with one of the experienced skippers, and I am sure that will help overall.

Well done everyone 8 races reflected the lack of wind , Many congratulations to Jen H 69 for the win on countback. and thanks to Pete for the swift results turnround.

DF 95 racing at Lincoln

I.O.M Summer Series round 9 7th August 2022

Another cracking day at Lincoln Roger Mick Cooper and Greg sorted out everything and racing was on the south Bank ( sounds Posh ) Darin popped out in the dingy and fiddled with the course so we had a good beat and run , round twice and then a half beat to the finish. Darin started well in the first race with the freshly polished Brit Pop of Chris G 11 in close pursuit, Next race had Pete W 65 fresh from his Cowes week success, taking the bullet, I have got to say a very warm welcome back to Roger Bacon who has been absent for some time with his widget, we hope to see more of you Roger. The racing as always was very close up and down the fleet and the banter on the bank is the best I have heard for many a day, never a mention of any skippers without fathers !!!!all great stuff , Darin continued his winning ways in races 4/5 with both Dave R 57 and Pete W , and on occasion Mick C 46 trying to get in the mix.

The breeze was west n west and good serious racing as I have said 70 / 80 % of top suit with the odd gust , really warm, Once again several boats missing for whatever reason, This is August so a few on Hols and a few CBA .

The end result was Darin on the top step Followed but Pete W , and a very fast Vision of Dave R taking third. A few of us will be asking question as to why they did not sail to what they feel is their potential today and whilst there were one or two strands , I am pretty sure it never upset the racing results.

Many thanks to all who made this a very nice morning’s racing oh and before I go, I just wanted to mention the very last race out of twelve where Mick C 39 sailed an almost perfect race to take the win with his Venti , 4 years ago he had never even seen a boat, so this is inspiration to you all, well done Mick .

results below and cumulative will go up in the week.

Take it easy and enjoy the rest of you weekend.

DF 95 Summer series Round 5 31st July 2022

” Another fantastic day at the club.  A few drops of rain, but nothing to worry about.  Lots of pleasantly warm sunshine.  Wind pretty steady, at the top end of A rig, with a couple of races with overpowered boats. 

All the top dogs were either away at opens, or unwell, or on their hols,  so a small field of 6 skippers, who normally would be well down the fleet made hay.

Kevin “Mr Consistent” Evison got 3 wins, 4 seconds and a single 3rd after discards, and won the day.

Geoff Streeter got 4 wins, but no seconds, getting 4 3rds after discards, and came second.

Peter Hellen came 3rd, getting his first race win ever (Yay!), and pipping Colin Toll into 4th, who though he got 2 wins, had a more inconsistent set of results. 

Ed Whittaker and Tony Jackson were 5th and 6th.

So the moral of the story is – turn up and sail, because no-one this morning scored more than 6 in the Cumulative, making up at least 9 points on all the non-sailors, with the result that Kevin is now 3rd and Colin 7th in the cumulative!”

DF 65 Summer Series Round 4 24th July 2022

Another great morning at Lincoln , only 9 skippers, but weather was perfect for good racing on the East bank, Jen very quickly got the course sorted and Roger B taking over from Pete W had everything out ready for action by the time the skippers arrived, As you can see by the pictures the Banks are parched, and we could do with some rain, but at least it did not come during racing.

The day belonged to Mick C 46 I am afraid it seems he could do no wrong obviously had a good set up and for once his brain was in gear. But having said that the racing was very close and it seemed many incidents were avoided at a crowded weather mark, that was close to the bank so all could see clearly what was happening. It seemed to be an A suit day and most stuck with A , although one skipper stuck with B and was hoping the breeze would do as forecast and increase, but hey , it did increase but not quite enough, in race seven the wind was at its strongest and Mike W 76 was just 20 yards from the line and then unluckily fell into a small hole in the wind and got pipped on the line . The start was crucial and it suited Mick C 46 it was judging where to be on the line on Starboard and making sure you had the room to quickly flip onto Port and away , too close to the bank and no wind, too far down and you were struggling to leeward, The course was made a lot shorter than normal due to the far jetty being out of use, it worked very well as walking was at a minimum, and also you could sit on a bench and see both ends of the course easily if you wanted to. We managed to get in twelve races, and a good coffee break, and as I say the racing was superb with some close racing up and down the fleet ( well I would say that wouldn’t I )

Many thanks to all the helpers and ED W for doing the scoring

Parched grass , waiting for rain

The weather mark
The new Windex’s

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