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For Sale –International One Metre –Cheinz 3585I’m selling my IOM which was bought from John Tushingham in 2015.Since then it has had a couple of years of light racing at Rotherham and 3+ years of hardly any use at all.It has been stored in doors at room temperature,so this already dry boat, is all ready to go again.The Cheinzhull manufacture details are shown on the accompanying photo.The hull and 3 suitsof sails are all in excellent condition. Quality fittings have been used inboth the hull and sails. There is a RMG 280ES winch and HiTEC HS-5245MG rudder servo installed.It comes complete with Graphite A,B and C sail suits, fully rigged.Ihave only ever used the A suit.There is a Measurement Certificate, and diagramsshowing suggested rigging measurements.The stand is included,and deck patches to fit all the openings.Any questions please contact me on 07715 541934 or at£1200

for more pics contact Jeff add placed 20th June 2021


New members joining clubs want decent boats at decent prices , send me pics and details, over 550 people follow this site.

SPECTRA ,,, FOR SALE £ 2.50 for 10 meters  30 Lb ,  80Lb  . or 90 Lb   + £ 1.50 post/pack 

Mick Chamberlain

1 White cottages South Park Farm

Knaith Park



DN21 5EU

add your name and address , what you want, and how many


Or just see me at the lake Scotland Farm where else !!!!!!

If you have anything for sale let me know










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