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JUST ON THE MARKET 12th December 2020

Titan IOM yacht. MYA no 4549.Designed and built by Remigio Fattori in Italy, himself a champion sailor , Could be a top competitive boat in the hands of a good skipperJust over 2 years old and in very good condition. Comes complete with the following. 3 complete sail suits ,  A B and C. Sails provided by CatSails.All with very nice ball race kickers and the majority of fittings from Sailsetc. RMG 290 Smartwinch and  42mm self tensioner drum. Savox waterproof rudder servo. Masts are from France (PG Modelisme) 11.1mm. . Lightweight 10mm jib boom (A suit.) Price £1,050. I can also supply a Futaba T6K  combo complete with batteries at a very resonable price. So it could be a complete package.Located in Notts. 
New boat arriving as reason for sale.Mick Cooper  07931 772 444

the results below Show a Titan in 4th place in Italian Nationals


New members joining clubs want decent boats at decent prices , send me pics and details, over 550 people follow this site.

SPECTRA ,,, FOR SALE £ 2.50 for 10 meters  30 Lb ,  80Lb  . or 90 Lb   + £ 1.50 post/pack 

Mick Chamberlain

1 White cottages South Park Farm

Knaith Park



DN21 5EU

add your name and address , what you want, and how many


Or just see me at the lake Scotland Farm where else !!!!!!

If you have anything for sale let me know










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