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DF 65 round six and final round of the Winter series.

Six skippers arrived to virtually no wind and no race team. Everyone worked together to get everything ready to race, Pete W set a course with varying angled beats to allow for the shifting wind. Assistance was given on boat set up prior to getting underway .

The day was to be a battle between Pete W and Dave R who won all the races bar one between them. The weed certainly played its part in the race results but did not materially effect the overall results.

After four races Pete held a slender lead over Dave with Geoff having some great results including two seconds. The battle behind Pete and Dave was to continue all day with all having purple patches at the sharp end on the fleet.

The veering wind forced and early coffee break to move the course onto the clubhouse bank. Fortunately the wind also freshened giving a great second session of racing with the wind at the top end of A Plus at times.

Pete and Dave continued to trade blows until race nine when they both fell foul to the dreaded weed early in the race, Mike did not need a second invitation seizing his chance of a win breaking the stranglehold of Dave and Pete. Race ten onwards saw normal service resumed and Roger suddenly found some speed having found himself a little rusty after his holidays.

Pete sailed extremely well securing more wins and edged Dave to take the win, congratulations to him on the win. Behind the racing remained close and Rogers resurgence in the latter races allowed him to take third from Mike W .

A great morning racing was had by all in a great spirit with great competition and banter amongst all.

Results by Peter H , and write up from Dave Rigby

Final positions will be published for the series in a couple of days

I.O.M Summer series, final round 12, 18th September 2022

Wow what a great mornings racing , 13 skippers got a real treat, Mike and Adrian set the course on the South bank and with the breeze starting out around 9 to 10 knots and gradually increasing to around 13/14 knots during the last race this was always going to be exciting. Darin B 98, came along with his daughter Penelope sailing Mums Britpop, and a rare appearance from Chis E 74 was always going to make it hot at the sharp end, and so it was, with Darin and Chris taking first and second inthe first two races with Mick C 46 taking third spot, race 3 had Darin taking the bullet, and the two Venti’s taking 2nd and 3rd a great result for Mick Cooper 39. and I have never seen a bigger grin on his face ,Dave R 57 who is leading the series had his worst three races, before clicking into gear in race 4 with a well deserved 2nd , Mick C 46 taking the bullet and Mike W 76 picking up 3rd spot, Racing was close all through the fleet, but it had to be the consistency card that needed playing, there may well have been the odd touch of green stuff that played a part but at the end of the morning did not affect the overalls, Racing flowed well and at coffee break we had a small course change that caught a few out at the gate, another fine win for Darin 98 made him unbeaten in the series. but the dogged ness of Dave R 57 means he could well have won the Summer series, Dave just got better as the series went on with his Vision,and it really is going well, Mick Cooper is also sailing very well and has improved dramatically in the last few races. Brit pops at the top again so well done to Darin and Chris, the rest of us need to make up ground to get near these two , but hey the winter series is just round the corner. Today I would say we were probably down 4/5 skippers, that I am sure will be back contesting it all at the start of October , Chris Graves , Pete Walters, Jen Hand , Rob Wilson , Keith Holmes, Roger Bowtle lets be having you guys,

Many thanks to all who made this a great mornings racing, at the end of the day I think we all had a lot of fun

D B winner on the day Day

DF 95 Summer Series round 7, 11th September 2022

Series conclusion , the last round of the Summer series was held in a very ultra light South Easterly. The day was very nice with the temperature around 20 C or more and 9 skippers, enjoyed a mornings racing at a leisurely pace, Two skippers fairly new to the club were OOD’s for the morning but plenty of help was on hand. early on 4/5 skippers manned the rakes and cleared what weed there was from the East Bank, Most of the buoys were on the South side where racing had been held the week before with no weed issues, so it was decided to make use of them, a good beat and run course was set with two laps for the first couple of races, Mick Cooper 53 had this one all wrapped up as the first three headed for the finish line, however after writing the course on the course board, not everybody seemed to read it, which allowed Mick C 46 to cross the finish in the correct manner just inches from Mike W 76 , Pete W 00 sailed his socks off and got 3rd spot before Cooperman managed to get back and finish correctly, Ok drama over , All races were ultra light winds and it was all you could do to keep moving , in the second race Both Micks thought they had weed and come to the jetty a pit stop if you like , neither boat had weed and so they carried on with a huge launch from the jetty and continued on their way Cooperman finally got it right and took the bullet, with Pete Webster getting another well deserved result in taking third spot.

Everybody was finding the light conditions a real task, Dave Clark ( Clarkey) did not bring a boat and so one or two skippers let him have a go which he thoroughly enjoyed, he did not realise as OOD you are allowed to sail as well . Ed 31 was really struggling and when he lost his connection, decided to just do the scoring, An interesting morning all sailed in the best spirit , a morning like I do not think I have seen at Scotland Farm , a breeze usually comes from somewhere ( and I know the sea is a long way away)

but hey ho we had a few missing today and this was the last of the summer series. Mick Cooper 53 sailed a brilliant set of races and was very consistent till the last, but at the end of the morning Mick C 46 took the win. Light airs sailing is an art , and you need to keep the boat moving , with as less tacks as you can, only practice practice practice, will help you move forward, and good luck with that.!!!!!

Well done Mick C 46 , and many thanks to all skippers for a nice morning.

I.O.M Summer series Round 11 4th September 2022

Great conditions at Lincoln for round 11, Dave R 57 and Pete H plus Mick C 46 were there early to survey the South bank to check for any growing weed , The breeze was from the South East and if poss we needed to sail the South bank. After inspection the coast was clear no green stuff in sight and Dave procced to set the course. Twelve skippers showed up, one of the better turnouts just lately, which was promising, breeze started about 60/70 percent of A rig and as the morning progressed it increased a tad.

Dave R 57 was fast out of the blocks taking the first Bullet, with Kevin E 20 with his Pikanto taking 2nd and Pete C 110 pulling 3rd. We have got into the habit, of sharing duties watching the start line, it can be difficult trying to spot who is over whilst trying to get a good start your self, the second race Dave R 57 did the honours and did himself no favors getting stuck in the melee and not able to recover scoring his worst result of the day, Pete W 65 showed true class in sailing away from the fleet to clear victory, and Mick Cooper 39 popping up in a well deserved 3rd place. It was most surprising to see only Two Brit Pops in the fleet and 8 different designs , we did have a couple of skippers away at the ranking in West Kirby and one way down south in Australia, so we could have had quite a large fleet,

At Coffee break we were shown the workings of our new Defibrillator, that has been purchased with thanks to the membership who dug deep so that we could afford this expensive piece of kit, that we all hope we will never have to use, Mike Williams gave us all a run thru , and the unit will be very well looked after, and available at the club when we have activities there.

Back to the racing , and a suggestion to give 3 skippers a little head start by starting on the 30 second sound , Greg C 21 took full advantage and got a cracking start and ended the race in second position in race 5 , it was tried in a couple of races and the jury is out about how we can help the not so knowledgeable skippers to enjoy their racing a bit more, but I fear this may not be the answer, and I am sure the debate will go on, Mick Cooper 39 had a great day with some good results, but he would do well to try and get a little more consistency in his races , Pete 65 and Dave R 57 sailed as usual brilliantly, but at the end of the morning that old bloke Mick C 46 stole it, after a shaky start,. We had a few spots of rain and the racing was held in a great spirit.

very well done to all who helped with a bit of raking at the start and helping to get all the gear stowed away

Well done Mick C 46