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Mick Chamberlain Telephone  01427 610864  or contact us by email  copy and paste

or Bob Geary     Telephone     01673 866431.


Hey I dont believe itWest Kirby 2015 Mick C in front of Uncle Derick 67, John Tushingham 51




  1. Peter Peter says:

    Are there any iOM yachts for sale at your club

  2. I have a df 65 for sale,don’t know it’s age ,sail No is ? 92
    A and B Catsail rigs
    Boat in green hull decals
    Hardly used as I never liked them
    Proper sail bag ,blue
    £50 ,buyer to collect PE 195 ,Huntingdon area
    Tim Prince

  3. John says:


    I read the nice (first and seccond) peace of Mick Chamberlain handeling about the tuning/sertup of the DF95
    I sail the RC Laser and the 95, maybe in the future also the 65.
    But why you said in de last peace “Just a quick word this setting up is very different for the DF 65 ”
    What is differend and why we cannot set it up like your setup discription of the 95? It looks to me a very simple sertup without all the numbers/measures.

    • Micky Boy says:

      The set up for both boats if you want to get into expert fine tuning is different , best join a club and talk to your best skipper who sails a DF 95/ 65
      many thanks


  4. Micky Boy says:

    I have sent your mesage to the seller of the boat
    many thanks

    Mick Chamberlain

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