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2022 Event

The Clive Hand 2022 is set for October 9th , The updated NOR and online entry has been published and can be seen on the MYA website.

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Below is a list of entries to date , 34 on Friday 7th October 22

If you don’t see your name here and you have entered , let the organisers know , ASAP

Name Sail Number
Dorian Crease 79 Cheinz1
Mike Williams 76 Brit Pop2
Nigel Brown 55 Sedici 3
Jen Hand 69 Brit Pop4
Graham Whalley 16 Brit Pop 5
Ken Binks 83 Brit Pop 6
David Hope 11 Venti7
Simon Richardson32 Slimtel 8
David Rigby 57 Vision9
Mick Cooper39 Venti 10
Kevin Everson20 Pikanto11
Geoff Farrar 87 Brit Pop 12
Wayne Stobbs 42 KMR 13
Les Cleaver60 Brit Pop 14
Nigel Barrow 54 Brit Pop 15
Martyn Aspinall 95 Shiraz16
Rob Wilson97 Brit Pop 17
Tim Hand 44 V 10 18
Darin Ballington98 Brit Pop19
Tracy Ballington49 Brit Pop 20
Buzz Coleman 12 Vision 21
Dave Holyoak06 V 10 22
John Tushingham51 Vision23
Derek Priestley 67 Dead Reckoning 24
Rob Radbourne 17 Viper25
Gary Parkin 195 Goth Derivative 26
Chris Elliott 74 Brit Pop 27
Tim Snackers Long99 Vision28
Eric Finlay28 Brit Pop 29
John Smith43 Brit Pop 30
Roger Errington 88 Brit Pop 31
Geoff Martindale 13 Brit Pop 32
Simon Fairman 56 MX 1433
David Lyndsay23 V11 34


Clive Hand has been won for 2021


The Clive Hand Memorial Trophy
1st place Son Tim and Proud Mum Jen

The 2021 Clive Hand has been scheduled for 3rd October 2021

Online Entry and NOR can be found on the MYA website, dont miss the boat with your entry.

Entry list as at 30th September 2021

  1. Jen Hand 69
  2. Colin Walton 3
  3. Chris Moore 9
  4. Graham Whalley 16
  5. Rob Radbourne 17
  6. Paul Stockdale 59
  7. Tim Hand 44
  8. Dave Rigby 57
  9. Derek Priestley 67
  10. Dorian Crease 79
  11. Gary Parkin 95
  12. David Darwell 157
  13. Mike Williams 162
  14. Peter Cogill 110
  15. John Smith 43
  16. Mick Cooper 39
  17. Geoff Farrar 87
  18. Martyin Aspinwall 195
  19. Greg Codling 21
  20. Chris Graves 11

OOD Keith Holmes , Mick Chamberlain

Support the lifeboats , the theme of the Clive Hand 2021
2nd place Dorian

3rd place Dave
Bit emotional

A fantastic day dawned for the 19 skippers who turned out for this great event,

Despite the gloom of Covid 19, despite the gloom of the no fuel scare mongering , and despite the gloom of the weather forecasters, who it seems do not know what button to press to guess at the weather, the event was a huge success for the skippers with great racing conditions, great camaraderie, a bit of rivalry, and a result the family could only have wished for .

Fast out of the blocks was John Smith from Manor Park with his Brit Pop and he won in style, from Tim Hand 2nd V 10 and Dorian Crease, Cheinze. Racing was conducted on the East bank all day and started light 5 to 7 knots but grqadually increased as the day wore on , as did the sunshine ( Mr weatherman ) . Skippers has come from far and wide to enter the event which was held at Scotland farm home of the Lincoln club, and if somebody were to say the conditions and with wind speed and direction were perfect they would not be far wrong.

It was not untill race 5 that Tim H got his first bullitt, from Derek Priestly from Fleetwood in 2nd and Colin Walton from the Manor Park club in 3rd. A welcome lunch break followed and all skippers had changed down to B rig with the wind anything from 12 to 20 knots and gusting , the following race was to be the end of Dereks day and he had to retire with electrical problems. Dorian Crease from Two Islands in Milton Keynes was putting in some great results with his Cheinze, and secured his second bullitt in race 7 with Tim again chalking up a second place, before getting another bullitt in race 8, what happened in race 9 no one knows but Tim ended up 20th. a race that David Darwell gained his only first place,

Mick Cooper a local lad ( 75 years old ) 6 weeks out of having a new knee was determined to race with his new Venti and did very well and must be very pleased with his performance ending up tenth and I am sure the best is yet to come. Greg Codling another local was sailing in his first regatta and had some rig issues which he will learn from, Seven skippers from the Lincoln club sailed in the event, but the winner by a good margin and some great sailing was Tim Hand, who finished the job off with two fine wins at the end.

It is even more fitting as Tim is the son of the late Clive Hand, who this memorial trophy is raced for each year, and it was quite emotional at the prize giving at the end, very well done Tim.

Dorian Crease was 2nd and David Rigby 3rd in what was a great day of racing, I forgot to mention the weather gods had their way, as at the prize giving the heavens opened and most got very wet before the drive home, A big thanks you to all the helpers for this event, scorers / starters / finishers / and OOD,s and those in the background, we all know who you are so many thanks , we look forward to welcoming you all back to the club next year .

Just one last thing the event raises money for the RNLI and this year with all your kind generosity we raised a whopping £ 180.00 for this great cause .

2021 event above all picture many thanks to Geoff Streeter and Caz Hand

Helpers TBA

There was no Clive Hand in 2020 due to Covid 19 , Scroll down the page for previous years racing of this prestigeous event .

The 2019 Clive Hand Memorial trophy for I.O.M                                        

The winner of the Clive Hand for 2019 is Nigel brown from Gosport.

Many congratulations and we hope to see you next year . Many thanks also to all competitors and the race team for a great event.

The 2020 Clive hand has been scheduled for 4th October 2020

2018 Clive Hand

   Venue Scotland Farm and it was 8am and not a breath of wind, as the Lincoln team arrived to get the boiler going for tea and coffee,  and more importantly the club house cooker for the now legendary Lincoln Sausage burgers. Competitors arrived in drips and drabs the flags were put up and showed no signs of life, The motor home campers stirred into life after a chilly night and having having driven a very long way from the south coast of England, but hey enough of all that nonsense what about the racing.

The V9 of David Alston and the Brit Pop of Darin Ballington won the seeding races after a short delay ( the only delay in the whole day) and then David won the first A fleet race before his day turned a kinda pear shape ( sorry Dave )  We then get to race 4 and Derek Priestley got moving winning the next two races with his slightly older boat and Nigel Brown our eventual winner was getting to grips with his nearly new Sedici, gaining a fifth place, battles were going on all across both fleets with some great racing, and I have to say, good course setting by OOD Peter Cogill, The Breeze got better by Lunch time  probably around 6/8 knots and the beat was no easy task but playing the shifts paid dividends as it does in any race, getting to know them was a little tricky. Races 6 and 7 were won by Nigel when the scores were neck and neck with Derek, at the end it was 20 points apiece, and Nigel edged it on count back with Darin Ballington taking third spot. All in all a good day at Lincoln steady breeze and warm sunshine great hospitality by all the helpers tasty cakes in the afternoon all calorie free I was told.

Many many thanks to all the helpers and competitors for making it a special day and you will be pleased to know that  £ 100 plus was raised for the R.N.L.I so thanks for your generosity.

We hope to see you all again soon and especially for the same event next year. One or two pics below and well done Nigel Brown from the Gosport club .

Sedici 55
good racing
The Fleetwood mob looking serious
Keeping an eye on the scores
Great crowd


Congratulations to John Tushingham who is now a two times winner of the trophy , and a cheque for £ 10.000, “it is in the post”

some randon pictures below .


A  very calm lake greeted the first arrivals at the lake with not a breath of wind as the first of the bacon butties got served up. 23 skippers with a variety of design came out to play some from as far afield as Norwich , West Cornwall and Fleetwood, many probably wishing they had not botherd. But by 10 am there was a faint wisp of wind and after a thirty minute delay a course was set along the south bank and the first of the seeding races got underway. Frustrating was a word used by many not just because the wind was light and fluky but there was also a little green stuff that attacked when you least expected it some suffered more than there fair share but it was annoying. Stephen Haywood and Peter Cropper won the two seding races, and racing proper started soon after, ( the bacon butties were going down very well at £ 150.00 each and with free tea or coffee all day the galley was busy. Nine skippers from Lincoln took part, and all in all it was quite good racing and if I may say so seem to improve as the day wore on. Soup and French bread for lunch Leek and Potatoe with many returning for seconds. After lunch the breeze probably increased to around 6 knots so things were really hotting up, good banter on the bank and i dont think I heard a raised voice all day. The very last race was increased to two laps , and sods law had it that on the final run the wind deserted the lake and we waited an age for a small puff to take the fleet to the finish. As many of you saw we had a man with a couple of drones doing some filming his name is Phil , we had hoped for more breeze to make it interestin but I am sure in the weeks to come we shall see the edited footage and it will be splendid. many thanks to all the helpers for the day race team and galley staff it is allways appreciated the effort you all put in and we could not do it with out you. also many thanks to all the skippers who made it such an enjoyable day. we hope you were not put off by the green stuff and ther is talk of making the event a few weeks later for next year to allow it to clear completely .

2nd place Craig Raistrick


3rd place Simon Clarke










1st in the raffle Chris Graves


2nd in the raffle Neil Coleman


 2016  Clive Hand Memorial Trophy

results pictures below



OOD Phil Harpham on the left With Jen Hand centre and the winner for 2016 Darin Ballington .


Date should I believe read 2016 on the results



3 of the best .

Darin 98 in good company .


scanned phots 170

Clive Hand



Tracy and Jen at last years race piccy Sue Brown

A report by the Lincolnshire Echo written by Caroline Wilson with photo’s by John Jenkins

Lincs Echo cutting


The Clive Hand Memorial Trophy 2015

A fine day greeted the 26 competitors for the 2015 Clive Hand Memorial Trophy , not to much breeze maybe 5to 10 knots by the sky was clear and although a hint of a shower, we all stayed dry. Bacon Butties were the order of the day from 8am, along with Normans tea and coffee stand doing brisk business. Phil Harpham was Race Officer and did a superb job when you consider it was his first time, he was assisted by son Joe and two young ladies Jackie and Jill did the finishing line and scoring, so a massive thanks to all of them ,, so on to the racing, there was always enough breeze to keep the boats moving and the beat was very tricky with some quite big shifts that lay in wait for the inexperienced and experienced alike, It wasn’t the only thing that caught skippers out,, but we will not go into that as it seemed to even itself out throughout the fleet, frustrating as it was . The two seeding races were won by Don Charlesworth and Nigel Brown ( Britpop and V9 ) Last years winner John Tushingham unfortunately had a multitude of problems in the first three/four races with Radio and green stuff and so was always playing catchup, It was interesting that the top three only had one win each. also interesting was that the Lincoln club had 6 members in the top ten. At the end of the day Dave Thomas 41 sailing his new secondhand V9 for the first time was the most consistent to take the Trophy from Graham Allen and John Tushingham full results below , and pictures will be updated on this post as they come in. We also believe a large amount was raised for the R.N.L.I from competitors and visitors so thank you all so much. We also hope you had a pleasant days racing and look forward to seeing you all again soon. Congratulations to Dave Thomas .

Date should i believe read 2015

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