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Welcome to our Club


At Lincoln Radio Sailing Club (LRSC) we pride ourselves on being a friendly inclusive club and welcome visitors to watch what we do or get involved with Radio Sailing. If you are just starting out in our sport and want to give it a try, you are welcome to come down, and one of the members will usually put a transmitter in your hand and let you have a go, maybe even a race or two just to see how you like it. If you become hooked we can guarantee that your weekly dose of Radio Sailing and meeting your mates will be something that you look forward to all week.


New to the sport:

If you are new to the sport and want to find out more please call or email us (Click HERE) and we will arrange for a trial sail, hopefully, this will be enough to excite you but, we allow a number of trial sails before you join just to confirm that you are hooked.

Visiting MYA Members: We welcome members of MYA Clubs to attend up to 4 times per year without joining LRSC. We make a nominal charge for this and to help us organise this we would appreciate a call or email prior to attending.

Club Membership:

For regular sailing, we require that you join our club, with our membership running annually from Jan 1st to 31st Dec. The cost of membership is agreed upon by vote at the club’s Annual General Meeting which is usually held in the month of November. For 2023 onwards we have introduced a Family Membership category for those who wish to include family members in their fees. Click HERE for more information.

Benefits of Club Membership:

Advice, Help, and Camaraderie

Access to the water

Entry into club races and series

Third-Party Insurance (via your MYA membership)

Regular Communication

Being part of a fantastic group of sailors!

MYA Membership:

As part of your membership fees to LRSC you will be included in our annual return to the Model Yachting Association (MYA) and you will become a member of the MYA. The MYA is our national body that organises and controls racing throughout the UK. This gives all of our members the opportunity to enter events across the UK and offers reciprocal benefits for those who wish to experience sailing at different clubs. The MYA also provides the structure to our race organisation and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that members can tap into. Further information can be found on the MYA website HERE

Tip: This is a good place to look for a secondhand boat as there is a For Sale section within the MYA forum

Membership Fees and How to Join:

The downloadable form below gives the current costs of membership and application form.

Please fill this in and return it to the address on the form (post or email)


Individual Membership Application Form

Family Membership Application Form

Note: There is also an Emergency Contact Form within this download that we ask all members to complete and put in their sailing box when at the lake – just in case…

Interested? Don’t be shy, come and say Hello. Scotland Farm, Eagle Lane, Thorpe on The Hill – LN6 9BP

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