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DF 95 Winter series round 4 16th January 2022

Wow,,, After all the ice reported throughout the midlands Lincoln escaped and had some very good racing at Scotland farm. 13 skippers showed up including two visitors David Geldard and Colin Toll, I hope they enjoyed the racing.

The wind was light from the South West and was fairly constant enabling the course to be set on the East bank, Mike and Maryann were the OOD’s and worked well together as a team, ( Husband and Wife ) with I noticed Maryann tearing around in the dingy to rescue a boat very well done. First race was won by Mick C 46 with the other Mick C 53 in close attendance and David G in third, it was three full beats ,so a long course, Mike W 76 took the next two bullets and the battle was on, with little contests going on throughout the fleet. Race four could have seen at least a second place for David G but with two metre’s to the finish line ran into a big clump of weed and came to a complete standstill and needed rescuing allowing Mick C 46 to take the win and Pete Cogill to take second spot, Mick C 53 managed to take third spot, which helped in his overall position, and kept him in the game,

Jen Hand was not having the best of days just not finding the speed she usually has. Chris G 489 was enjoying his racing with the boat he brought from Chaz Jordan, and came good at the end with a couple of seconds places against the unstoppable Mick C 46 . Chris G 489 despite trying so hard to use a new rule in the rule book ,to try and gain an unfair advantage,( still looking for the rule ) on no less than two occasions whilst behind,,, he warned Mick C 46 that his shoe laces were undone, causing him to look down and loose concentration ,, and then being told it was the other boot,,,,, this behaviour needs to stop HA HA , Mick managed to take the last three Bullets and take the honours for the day, which was raced in an unbelievable great spirit. Many thanks to all who made a great day of racing and many thanks to the OOD and helpers .

Very well done Mick C 46 for the win , keep your eye on the calendar for the next round .

I.O.M Winter series round 7, 9th January 2022

As I could not be on site for the racing some skippers have contributed some words, I would like to thank them for their time.

A 2nd weekend of Mick Chamberlain missing a great morning’s racing, Many thanks Covid 19 ,16 skippers turned up on a glorious Sunday Morning a fresh breeze from the Northern sector enabled Tim Hand and mum Jen to set a course on the East bank . Tim H 44 set the early pace getting good results in the first three races ,The usual suspects were pushing the front with Chris E 74 getting good results including a bullet in race three, but Darin B 98 then came into his own with three wins on the trot, however the standard of racing is getting to a point where if you don’t get the first beat and start right, you are not coming through the fleet as you once were. Several commented on the past where back markers were being lapped, no more, all the fleet were on the final beat as the first boats finished, so big improvements all round .

 I know I am getting deaf ( Pete W 65 ) however the banks were very quiet with very little discussion about rule infringement, penalties being taken when called. someone mentioned it was due to a lack of the commodore being present!! only joking. Darren was the man to beat regardless of the time he spent sorting numerous rigs out for other skippers who commented on the boat improvement, thanks Darren. We also had two prospective new members at the lake, Kevin and Sam, both known to me from dinghy racing with both having a good racing pedigree on the National and European front in fireball dinghies, Sam has built his own IOM but only has an A rig, if someone has a spare B for a reasonable price Sam would be interested. Kevin has an older boat which needs some TLC but has all the bits. What a great mornings racing. From Pete Walters

Great conditions, sunny, SW 9 to 15kts. East bank. Good course set by RO. Same as last week.
Darin B 98 gave lots of help and advice to anyone who asked.
Chris G 11 missed first two, had to replace his kicker, striped thread.
New boat joined in later in the morning. Kevin Hope New member to be we all hope he will come again
Tim H 44 retired early, broken shroud.
Discipline starts, very gentlemanly.
Lots of courtesy shown on the water. Most polite.
Must be the largest Sunday IOM fleet.
Great morning racing From Mike Williams

Top of A suit with stronger gust to start but it did get lighter at the end , lack of preparation and maintenance, does not help some skippers cause, Darin should take a bow and a big thanks to him for all the help he gave to skippers with encouraging tips, Tim also got involved rescuing a couple of boats including his Mums Jen 69 from Mick Cooper 39.

After some “conservative” starts, Mike W 76 made a few  encouraging moves through the lower half of the fleet on several occasions.
New sails on 76 from the “Nigel at CAT ” look very nice, promising for the future. 
Helpful measurement data  from 98, very useful. a personal point of view from Mike Williams

As you can see Darin won with I am sure a fight Chris E 74 got second on Countback from Pete W 65 Dave Rigby 57 continues to improve and Chris Graves 11 despite missing the first two races and using his discards managed to hold onto 5th place. It was with great regret that I missed the racing but congratulations to all skippers who took part, and many congratulations to Darin for his win both on and off the water

Well done to the OODs for what I am told was a great morning. Mick C 46

Darin Leading Pete with Chris paying close attention
Lovely day at the farm

Fun day of racing 2nd January 2022 at Lincoln

INCLUDING Pete Walters

Well 2022could not have started any worse for me at 0630 on Sunday morning not feeling too good , I did a lateral flow test , and it was positive. but as I do the entry post here , I am feeling fine , Sounds like everybody had a great day with the weather and the racing , so over to Pete who very kindly did the race report and gave us a couple of pictures, well done everybody and a huge welcome back to the club Darin Ballington . he will I am sure, add loads, to the hugely competitive I.O.M fleet,

What a cracking morning blue sky, good breeze with the odd major gusts to get you thinking. 2 fleets sailing on the east bank. IOM first off with the DF95’s a  minute later. Darren who had arrived earlier had laid two gates as the windward. IOM around one with the 95’s rounding the gate nearer the east bank. Both fleets had around 8 entries with Jen swopping to her 95 for the 2nd half. Winners, Mike William’s 95’s Darren IOM. both getting several race wins during the 8 to 10 races completed. Last race finished just after 1pm. Winners getting the first choice of donated raffle stuff ,with Darren putting his back in, Mike then drew the sail numbers with several skippers selecting a raffle prize before they ran out. Darren winning the last chocolate orange.  Great mornings racing with polite exchanges over rule infringement. Might be worth considering an Open event 1st of the Year in the future, the two fleets worked well with no more crossing incidents than normal. Get well soon Mick, you missed a great morning. Pete W.

Cheers guys and gals see you next week ok late edition,, below are results, you are all winners .


The club wishes all a very merry Xmas and some great racing for 2022, this is time to be positive for the future despite a little gloom, so hold your glass up high and have a drink to the future.