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I.O.M Summer Series , round 3, 4th May 2021

A cool morning greeted 12 skippers with a light wind from the west.  We would have had 13, but one skipper  brought the wrong boat, but he did win the £25 first prize on the Scotto, well done Geoff Burrell , so it was worth his drive to the lake.  Second prize of £10 going to Bill McPhee.

Rob Wilson got off to an excellent start with two wins, closely followed by Keith Holmes and Chris Elliott.   Very light winds from the start and to make it worse from all over the place making the OOD much more difficult , generally from the West and when I say increased thoughout the morning I mean from 2 to maybe 4 knots except for the last couple races when we saw 6/ 7 knots.

It was great to see excellent racing with many battles going on throughout the fleet, but the morning went to Rob with 5 wins from 10 races and going about his sailing in his usual calm way. Keith was second with the Sedici and sailed very consistantly only two points adrift, with Chris in third spot. Chris Graves did very well with his ( By now very old BP) and Dave Rigby I am sure found it not as easy to be OOD and race at the same time .

There were faces missing and this fleet could so easily have been 16/17 Skippers are starting to come out of the woodwork gradually with Lockdown easing and it was great to see Alan Edgar , Gordon Bennett , and Ed Whitaker at lakeside even though not racing. Unfortunatly we have got into a habit of not doing anything on Sunday mornings and need to give our selves a good shake up to start getting back into the habit again . The racing at Lincoln is second to none so lets all shake a leg and get back to some great racing as we had today.

Many thanks to the OOD’s and all the helpers and especially to the skippers who made the morning worthwhile. Congratulation to Rob Wilson 3 wins on the trot now in the series . Results and some pics below .


Socially distancing
nice breeze
is that Mike in the lead
I can do this job
mind the mark 88
Two Elderly gentlemen

Veterans Enties as at 1st May 2021

46 entries so far for the 2021 veterans Championship at Lincoln later this month, room for 4 more entries. To enter go to the main MYA site here remember we are limited to 50 entries.

DF 65 Summer series round 1

A very nice day at Lincoln with a north easterly breeze that alowed all boats to race with A + rigs. A little chilly but it warmed up as the morning wore on, !0 races completed with a twenty minute break for some lovley cake from Birthday girl Jen Hand. but hey lets get to the serious stuff.

Race one saw the green machine of Pete W 65 put the world to rights with an emphatic win, followed home by Jen, and taking up third spot Billy Mac, Alan Newman was having problems with his jib tie down and failed to get going until race 5. It was nice to see Tim Cripps sailing for probably the first time with his sail number 99 ,, and once the tranny settings had been reversed and set up properly by the technical team on the bank he started to go much better, Tim is new to radio sailing and knows that it will take time to master the controls, but it will come . Mike Williams was sporting his new Icarex black sails, he certainly will not loose his boat in the mele’e. Race 2 saw Keith take the win from Pete and Jen in 3rd spot with some very close racing between these three that would continue for all ten races. It seemed that Pete W has made a big leap forward and is certainly going to be hard to beat with this form, but I am sure Keith and Jen and even Mick C if he pulls his socks up, will pile on the pressure and not let him get away with it. In the end Pete got 7 wins and three seconds, Jen lost the 2nd spot by having two bad races in three and four , take those out and it was very consistant set of results, Also good to see Geoff Burrell out again, and Geoff S continuing to improve .

All in all a great days sailing on the East bank, May thanks to all skippers ans of course the race team Alan N and Mick C .

I would make one suggestion for the future , make the course a little shorter and have extra laps if needed I Know I know , I was the race officer, But the front three racing was super competetive and I for one look forward to the next round of this fantastic series

A steady breeze
Black sails can be seen quite clearly
The Dog Leg
Hard on the wind

Martin Lambert & Absent Friends Memorial Trophy 18th April 2010

A true summers day for everybody,on the minus side we were in the middle of a high pressure zome and no matter how hard Darin tried to lay a course the breeze what little of it followed him round the clock. But on to the possitives, After a half hour postponment we got ourselves a breeze, we a whisper actually or is it called a Zepher, it was enough to get skipper on the water on the south side and get some very lightwind sailing moving, Social distancing was working well with an anti clockwise sysem in place and full alert for skippers on the start line.

Rob Wilson 97 got of to a fine start in trying to retain the trophy he won in 2019 ( Not raced 2020 Covid 19) but Darin 98 as ever on fine form after spending a lot of time trying to sort a decent course was not to be denied and took the win. As I have said before with such fluky Zephers you need lady luck on your side and in both race 2 and 3 our eventual winner Steve 157 took the wins , Race 4 Chris Elliott made the best of a change of course beforee Darin hit back with a win in race 5. Racing was tight all through the fleet and after returning to our original course that we then left well alone Rob Wilson got another win Dave green from Huntingdon chalked up race 7 with his Ellipsis with a fine win in what must have been the lightest wind of the day and then a show of hands before race 8 had all skippers saying enough was enough with what breeze there was it was dying luckily the race gave skippers their second discard and was won due to some excellent sailing by Lincolns own Jen Hand . Final results are below , But many thanks to all skippers for making this such a nice day.

Martin Lamberts wife came to present the prizes and watch a bit of racing , and it has to be said we did a mini “SCOTTO” as a bonus , and I would like to thank everybody who took part and supported the club it raised £ 50.00 and the winner took half and it was our scorer forthe Day Geoff Streeter ,, the other half went into club funds in our quest to raise money for a new ride on mower, that the club needs .

Finally My apreciation to all our helpers Darin, who tried so hard to give us a course, with Dave B .and Pete W . Jackie, Ed, Tony, who shared our finishing team, Geoff S who did our scoring and Mick C who tried to give you all a good days sailing. Jen who also did a lot of work behind the scenes.

We hope to see you all back in the very near future .

Very well done to Steve Haywood on winning the Martin Lambert & Absent friend Trophy for 2021 .

Results below plus quite a lot of pictuues of this action packed Sunday !!!!!!!!

Briefing and a small postponement

Peaceful racing J

prep on the bank T
Bit of breeze T
Nice T
New boat Lincolns first Venti
Not looking good at the weather mark !! T
157 and 97 contesting it, evential 1st & 2nd
Run Beat Fetch ,, who knows total contentration
Mike Williams
Darin B
Pete walters
Greg Codling
they are all on a fetch !!!!
Just enough puff around the wing mark
Dave Burke
Just drifting along !!
Whos that in the lead ????
Tight at the mark
Best breeze of the day

Bob Geary

Stephen Haywood 1st Place with Graine socially distancing with the trophy
Rob Wilson 2nd place
Chris Elliott 3rd place