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Covid 19 info as at 11th August 2020 from the MYA


Radio control yacht sailing takes place most Sunday mornings throughout the year from 9am till about 1 pm generally in the winter ,and sometimes longer during the summer months , please check our calendar for the latest information .

If you want a quick view of what its like to race these hi tech radio yachts, have a look at this video from 2012 worlds , The feelings of anxiety and pulse racing when you on the start line and going up the first beat are exactly the same as if in a dingy or a 3/4 Ton racing yacht ,the rules are the same, click below and thanks to the maker of the video.

The yachts we sail come in a wide variety and costs but all will fit into a medium sized car. Once two yachts meet on the water they are soon competing against one another being light hearted or in a more competitive manner. We aim to bring the great hobby of radio controlled sailing to a wide audience, so if you are interested why not visit the club and have a chat with club members. We have a great sailing water, called Scotland Farm. We now sail three classes at the lake and these are ,The International One Metre which is sailed all over the world,  currently there are 25 in the club. Also the  the ever popular DRAGON FORCE,   (Currently 20 at the club ) This is a fantastic little yacht and allows those with even the tightest budget to get involved , and the DF 95 a slightly larger one design that has huge popularity currently 13 in the club So why not pop down to the lake one Sunday morning around 10am,   ( might be best to phone Mick first 01427 610 864 ) there will always be a club member ready to let you have a go, and give advice in this very exciting sport or hobby. Once you have the transmitter in your hand and have done a couple of races you will feel the bug begin to bite. Should you then want to buy a boat and get started we can always offer advice and there will be an abundance of second hand yachts from other clubs around the country .The Latest design that the club has adopted is the DF 95 this is a one design very similar to the DF65 and along the same lines , it will enable you to get started on a budget , and for 2017 there is a very good programme of events for this and the DF65 all around the country as well as at the club.



Exciting times at Lincoln Radio Sailing Club

We are now into our third year at Scotland Farm, and due to the perfect sailing water and no outside influence’s  the club can now truly move forward , we have one of the best venues in the country, and are already holding some great open events . In 2015 we  hosted the  I.O.M National Championships in August  which is as big as it gets, competitors arrived from all over Europe, and  there were 4 or 5 ex world champions sailing in this event including the current (2015 ) World champion  , If you want to get involved come and join us, It is great fun and can be as competitive as you want it to be . we have Novices and we have some UK top twenty skippers

Norway 47
I.O.M on the run
Buzz Colemans boat1
DF 65 flying almost downwind
A state of the art 1metre or I.O.M as they are known

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