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DF 95 Winter Series Round 1 28th October 2018

Chilly morning forecast with rain showers forecast, but that did not stop 10 skippers turning out for the first DF 95 race of the Winter series. The weather did not disappoint either if gave us what it promised.Geoff S only got his 95 on friday but here he was racing,Roger B first time out and a great start, Billy Mac was going well as was Gordon B, this I can tell is going to be a great fleet of one desighn racing with three other members about to take the plunge, The racing was difficult at time as the breeze came and went, and it was important to keep the boat moving and not stall, Keith H was the master today and from 5 races scored only 8 points, Billy Mac got two bullits at the end which he must be pleased with.

Our thanks to the race team and all the helpers which made for a very enjoyable mornings racing.

If you want to join this growing class of one design boats dont delay round two in around 4 weeks away

Congratulations to Keith and lets hope we all enjoyed the carrott cake at half time as a small celebration for the first DF 95 race of many.

snipped 201810 28 DF95 WS 1

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