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2021/22 CALENDAR

Do not be daunted that you are on the list to do duty officer, always ask your mates for help to get stuff out and ready, If you need to ask advice re setting the course JUST ASK !!! Before the last race of the morning call all skippers not to run off home , but give 5 minutes to help to put stuff away.

Wednesday Gang Sailing , If you would like to help with a few odd jobs on a Wednesday morning , bring a DF 95 and we can have a few races from around 12.00/ 1230 no work is too hard or difficult, followed by a pensioners lunch at the pub great value for £ 7.00


Start of Winter series 2021 / 2

SUNDAY 10 START TILL 1 pm Two OOD’s , If you cannot do a dutie PLEASE ARRANGE A SWOP WITH SOMEBODY. Do not let your mates down,

It is important that you get the dingy launched to set a decent course ,, and the Sign board put out,

And call all skippers prior to last race to get help to put dingy away and batts on charge when racing is finished

October 2021

Duty Swop for October 10th Greg Codling in for Ed Whitaker

November 2021

December 2021

Duty Swop Ed Whitaker in for Greg Codling 5th December

remaining winter calendar will be put up very soon

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