Lincoln Radio Sailing Club



Do not be daunted that you are on the list to do duty officer, always ask your mates for help to get stuff out and ready, If you need to ask advice regarding setting the course JUST ASK !!! Before the last race of the morning call all skippers not to run off home, but give 5 minutes to help to put stuff away.


SUNDAY 10 AM START on the button ,,TILL 1 pm . ” see below “

Two OOD’s, If you cannot do a duty PLEASE ARRANGE A SWOP WITH SOMEBODY. Do not let your mates down,

Also remember , If your first and second in a race in any class you must do the finish results, One in the chair, writing and one calling the sail numbers ,,,,do not leave it to one person please.

Never seen radio racing , don’t miss this opportunity, LN6 9BP is your postcode.

Lincoln Summer Series HAS Started

And now we are on to the start of the 2023 Summer series at the club for our three club classes, Come on and join in the fun and get some adrenaline flowing through your veins, Never done radio sailing, this is a friendly club and we would welcome you to come and have a go, no pressure.

Next up is I.O.M 3 on the 7th May , the day before the Coronation .


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