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Merry Xmas Everyone, from Lincoln

From all the club members and hangers on at Lincoln Radio sailing club, we would like to wish you all a very happy Xmas wherever you are and whatever you are doing. 2023 could well be your year, so think positive and don’t look back.

If you love sailboat racing, and hot competition in dingy’s, big boats, windsurfer’s, etc , but find your self with a bit of a bad back , knee joint not as good as it used to be, tummy muscles ” screaming” when your hiked out, don’t worry , the answer is here right before your eyes.

Come take a look at radio racing, I will guarantee you will not be disappointed, The adrenaline rush on the start line will return, no need to learn new rules, just concentrate on getting to that weather mark , certainly in the top three , and with two thirds of the fleet chasing you , the pressure is now on .

Lincolns Racing calendar starts again on the 8th January, 10 am sharp till 1pm with the I.O.M series round 5 , These boats are not toys. and getting the correct set up to be in the top three is all important.

If your free for an hour pop along and take a look, most of us are the friendly type , may even let you have a go, !!!

Eagle Lane Thorpe on the Hill LN6 9 DB

I.O.M National Championships at Lincoln in 2015.
Nigel Brown from Gosport going well.
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