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I.O.M Winter series Round 4 4th December 2022

Pretty cold day forecast could have put a few off but it was not to bad, Lack of breeze was slightly more concerning. Darin and Adrian our OOD’s were there early and got course set out, the breeze was very light from the North East , so it was a good beat and run straight up the East bank, 14 skippers started so not a bad turnout, and every body was wrapped up warm, Jen started with a bit of a disaster when we found the portaloo had been left in a mess by the people who are supposed to clean it, so she was not a happy bunny, But after the first race a smile returned as she took the well deserved Bullet from Daren B 98. As you can see from the results it was pretty tight at the top, Mike W 76 had to retire after the first race with electrical problems, so we were down to thirteen as Mike then kindly did the scoring . Pete W then got into his stride with two straight wins, Mick C 46 seemed to be struggling with a new rig, but hey no excuses, It seemed for once that Darin was not having it all his own way , but hey lookout if he wasn’t winning he was building up a lot of 2nd place’s, One of the skippers tried to get a decent setup on Stuarts J 66 Lintell but hopefully he wont be to despondent today was not Lintel weather by a long chalk, Colin H 54 with his first real racing with the squiggle knows what he has to do to get more speed and I am sure it will be quicker in 2023 , Mick Cooper 39 has jumped ahead in confidence, and can be seen jostling with the leaders, and in one race Pipped Darin to the line, by some very good covering.

Dave R 57 has things on his mind at the mo but don’t worry he will be putting in some good performances in 2023 , and Mick C 46 only got him on countback by winning race 6 . Kevin’s Pikanto is getting quicker. All in all a decent day’s racing, With Darin getting the win, but definite highlight of the day was Jen H 69 winning three races ( more than anyone ) and taking second spot on Countback from Pete W 65, It felt that we are getting closer to Darin B 98 , but his consistency nailed it yet again. Round 5 is next year and I am sure we will all be ready. Well done all skippers and especially to Darin for his win.

Thank to all for helping put the gear away .

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