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I.O.M WINTER SERIES Round one 10th October 2021

Wow what a start to the Winter series , great breeze ( wrong direction) 16 to 20 C and a good dollop of sunshine, it all greeted 14 skippers including two very welcome visitors to the South Bank at Lincoln.

First race and Chis E 74 was hot off the line as he was for race two , and everybody thought ” its all over ” but it wasnt ,, Keith H 88 was second in the first race and Chris G 11 with his very shiny good looking B/P was second in race two. Dave Rigby 57 and OOD set a great long course along the South Bank and kept a good eye on the start line, he got the bullitt in race three, and was on a charge after a slow start, Chris E 74 got a second in that race and kept a good set of three races, two firsts and a second cannot be bad.

Keith H 88 got the result he wanted in race 4 followed home by that nice BP number 11 who was also well in the hunt, The three long beats were taking there toll on the olduns I could tell because I was one of them, the uneven ground was also not to good for the feet, After Coffee Chris E 74 picked up another bullitt but the seemed to just go off the boil a little getting a 7th in the next race, while Pete W 65 was just starting to get the hang of his very new Venti and claimed the next two races , and if it had not been for some poor battery management issues would almost certainly have won the last race,, well actually Mick C 46 with a borrowed Sedici ( from Pete) was crawling all over his transom, and they are still arguing on Whats App who might have won !!!!!! but it was Keith with a great set of results and two seconds at the end who probably surprised everyone except himself with a fine win on the day by three points, It was close racing as it always is, and you may all look at these results and see where you could have done just a bit better, for me Mick C 46 I was very dissapointed that Chris G 11 got too close to me at times insisting he was just having a look at my boat and trim , HA HA HA , it was a great morning with good humour and good manners and a delight to be out on an October morning racing with your mates.

All credit goes to the OOD’s and especially to ED who stayed in his chair scoring , he loves it really.

Look forward to more members out in two weeks time for round two of this fantastic series .

Congratulations to Keith on his fine win with the Sedici .

If you want to pay a visit to Lincoln feel free it is some of the best racing in the Midlands

not this event , but another great picture

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