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DF 65 Summer series round 1

A very nice day at Lincoln with a north easterly breeze that alowed all boats to race with A + rigs. A little chilly but it warmed up as the morning wore on, !0 races completed with a twenty minute break for some lovley cake from Birthday girl Jen Hand. but hey lets get to the serious stuff.

Race one saw the green machine of Pete W 65 put the world to rights with an emphatic win, followed home by Jen, and taking up third spot Billy Mac, Alan Newman was having problems with his jib tie down and failed to get going until race 5. It was nice to see Tim Cripps sailing for probably the first time with his sail number 99 ,, and once the tranny settings had been reversed and set up properly by the technical team on the bank he started to go much better, Tim is new to radio sailing and knows that it will take time to master the controls, but it will come . Mike Williams was sporting his new Icarex black sails, he certainly will not loose his boat in the mele’e. Race 2 saw Keith take the win from Pete and Jen in 3rd spot with some very close racing between these three that would continue for all ten races. It seemed that Pete W has made a big leap forward and is certainly going to be hard to beat with this form, but I am sure Keith and Jen and even Mick C if he pulls his socks up, will pile on the pressure and not let him get away with it. In the end Pete got 7 wins and three seconds, Jen lost the 2nd spot by having two bad races in three and four , take those out and it was very consistant set of results, Also good to see Geoff Burrell out again, and Geoff S continuing to improve .

All in all a great days sailing on the East bank, May thanks to all skippers ans of course the race team Alan N and Mick C .

I would make one suggestion for the future , make the course a little shorter and have extra laps if needed I Know I know , I was the race officer, But the front three racing was super competetive and I for one look forward to the next round of this fantastic series

A steady breeze
Black sails can be seen quite clearly
The Dog Leg
Hard on the wind

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