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I.O.M, not.the.winter.series 6th December 2020

First time back at the lake for a while, The forecast may well have put a few off, wind 2knots gusting 6 from the south west, temperature not getting above 1 C all day, well we all know that 80% of the time you arrive at the lake and it is different. ended up 6 C and not much breeze.

9 skippers decided to stretch their legs and get some exercise, 7 actually raced one came and went and we welcomed a potential new member , Welcome Tim Cripps , Well the sun shone it was not too cold and there was a zephyr or two  to get us round the course and we all had a nice chit chat, coffee and a mince pie. So to the racing ,, well it was steady,  the first three races we sailed on the East bank had coffee and sailed on the South bank, Mike Williams had his new brit pop to try out , and Tim had brought along a DF 95 to have a go with, it was all very pleasant. The results you can see below , The other Highlight was Geoff Streeter won that thingy that we do on a Saturday night each month, so well done Geoff.  Another member tried out some drone footage sorry cant post on here right now ,,, bit of a typo on the results , it is I.O.M “not the winter series round 4 ” I think”

Those that misssed it not to worry I am sure the full English was worth it !!!!!

A good day at the lake 2019
Great start
Going well

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