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DF 65 Club Racing.

A grey overcast but warm morning greeted 9 skippers for the DF 65 racing, a decent breeze from the South west which gradually veered to the west. The first 4 races were straight up and down the East bank with anti clockwise control area working quite well, Great to see Keith back at it, and getting the win in race two and race five, Dave Rigby was in fine form with two seconds and a win in the first three races. All boats apart from Pate Webster were on A + rigs but Pete was going very well inspite of the lack of canvas. After coffee the wind had veered and the course was changed to give two seperate beats out into the lake before the weather mark and the long run downwind, this change either by coincidence or some other factor seemed to send a bit of floaty weed probably from the West bank ( which has never been cleared) onto our course and we saw quite a few pit stops and it did seem to effect everyone at some stage during the second 4 races, which was unfortunate. Mick C came out on top from Dave R and Keith H ,it was good to see Pete W sailing very well, The wind as usual was quite shifty but steady around 10/12 knots.

Many thanks to Roger B for getting everything ready, and all the boys and girls who helped, and also to Greg C who came down and did the scoring and took a few nice pictures , A good mornings racing.

176 on the button at the start
15 seconds to go .
669 with a good weather position .

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