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DF 95 Summer Series Round 4 30th June 2019

What can I say , yet another spanking good day at Lincoln , sunshine and a B suit breeze from the South West around 12/14 knots .

Scared to say it,, but no salad, Mick Chamberlain OOD opted for a South bank course with a bit of a hand dog dog leg giving two good beats , as the morning wore on the breeze moved more into the Sout and we should have moved to the east bank ( but Did Not)

The fleet all bar Mick Chamberlain started on A suit which in fairness was the right choice Mick one the first race but only just and so the fleet were not convinced ,,, race two the wind did get up a bit and Mick won that one by quite a large margin, so we had a ten minute break for anybody who wnted to change, most did but Sam Gill our visitor and new to DF racing only had an A rig so had to stick,  but I have to say he had some decent races and ended up 4th overall, Gordon and Jen pushed Mick hard and on occasions got in front , but they could not make it stick, Mick leg seemed a lot better he was agile on the bank and was going very well on the water. We also had a pair of Stan’s at the lake both prospective new members who have got themselves a DF 95 each and were keen to learn what they could minus their boats this week, Highlite of the day was Geoff Streeter getting a third in race 4 , Geoff has come a long way in the short time he has been sailing and unfortunatley had to rush off to pick up family from the airport, but what a way to finish his day. Even better was the “Scotto” was drawn ,,,,,,,,and Gordon Bennett took home the £ 25.00 well done mate as they say you have to be in to to win it. 2nd time Gordon has won it, apparently he is pretty good with the Gee Gee’s ,.

Many thanks to all who helped out and I do believe round five is on 28th July and there will be specific training for this class all are welcome it starts at 0930 for about an hour

result below

snipped 201906 30 DF95 SS 4


Mick Chamberlain in days gone by

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