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DF 95 Summer Series Round 3 23rd June 2019

Hi everybody, I need some new words of praise for the sailing at Scotland farm, It just seems to get better and better, Today 10 skippers enjoyed some fantastic racing, The weather was perfect sunshine and a steady 7/10 knots from the North East, a back hand dogleg course was agian used to great effect giving two great beats and a long run and all the time keeping skippers boats close to the bank so no eye strain was needed, I can also say but ” Mumms” the word that here we are aproaching July and the usual annoying salad has yet to rear its ugly head, we will all have a view on it I am sure of that, See results below but have to say it was a great mornings racing, Thanks to all the helpers and Official OOD’s . Just to remind you that next week is round 4 of the DF 95 c;lass as it was changed by mutual consent.                  So DF 95 NEXT WEEK .


snipped 201906 23 DF95 SS 3

Pics below are various venues racing DF 95’s thanks for the piccy takers


Nice colour sheme

Perfect beating Trim

Remember those days , footings for the clubhouse

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