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IOM Summer Series Round 6 19th August 2018


The day dawned cloudy and grey with the threat of rain, the good news was there was a strong breeze which had skippers putting a the B suit in the pre race practice, but it seemed that 15 minutes before the start the wind shut down and A suits went on most boats. The fine misty rain that followed stopped after half an hour. Racing took place on the East bank with a great beat and run course, Floaty salad was slight but did affect you if you got it, but the lake has a lot less and is in much better shape than it was this time last year. A good fleet 13 skippers had some good exciting racing, Chris E got off to a good start in race one but Mick C bounced back in race two, Jen H was sailing really well with her new set of sails and was showing some good results, Chris G started slow maybe he stuck with B rig ? but showed fine form after the coffee break, Newcommer to the club Adrian was having difficulties in the gusty conditions but will only get better and we all welcome him to the club. At the end it was Mick C with 12 points from 8 races, who took the top step with his Sedici . Racing finished a tad early as the strong winds came back in race 8 with a lot of diving on the run and a unanamous decicision to call it a day was made.

Many thanks to the race team Chris and Rob and of course Roger for getting everything sorted nice and early.

A good shakedown for those going to the Nationals next weekend, and good luck to all Lincoln skippers who are going.


snipped 201808 19 IOM SS 6


Mick Chamberlain’s Sedici “back to black”

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