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Another fine day at Scotland farm, Very light non exsistant breeze gave the skippers the chance to chew the cudd and generally put the world to rights Nobody went home we just chatted, drunk tea, sipped coffee, and generally had a laugh. Around 11 am a decent force two came in from the south west and we sparang into action. The race team bless there hearts had been there since before 9 am and had got the board out and fetched the Dingy             ( just in case ). As it was they set a nice long beat up the East bank followed by a run and then a long beat to the finish.  8 skippers on a very short start line behaved and all in all it was good sailing. We managed to get in 5 races packed up had another cupa, put the stuff away and went home.

Many thanks to Keith our OOD and assistant Alan Edgar, also Hopalong Ed who is recovering from his foot operation but just wants to get down to the  lake, if he can scrounge a lift , Ed sat down and did the scoring for us Thanks guys. Results are below, and Kieth with an original set of sails took the day, Phil was a close second. Alan Newman came all the way from Bourne not sure how many miles that is !!!!!!!  shame some more local skippers could make it.




123 at speed

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