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DF 65 Summer Series Round 7 28th August 2016

7 skippers came to the start line which, although being low, is understandable for a Bank Holiday weekend. The weather started dull and cloudy with a few drops of rain early on, but the clouds cleared, the sun came out and the temperature rose. The wind was was light and variable but always present. The direction was West moving round to North West requiring a change of course mid morning. A very pleasant morning for sailing you might think -BUT- the weed was back in quantity. From the first race to the last problems there were problems throughout the fleet. As is usual all skippers were affected at some point and despite high levels of frustration no dummies were thrown.

Officers for the day were Kieth Holmes and Roger Bacon who ran a well organised morning despite trying circumstances.

snipped 201608 28 DF65 SS 7

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