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Winter Series 2013-2014

A suggestion has been made that the allocation of trophies should be changed. Instead of having 1st and second places in each class for the summer series only, we should have the winner of each class in both Summer and Winter series. This will be a topic for the AGM to be agreed      (  or not )

I have prepared series results sheets for the 2013-4 Winter  season from the results I have available. A few things should be noted.

1.        It must be clearly understood that the results are not complete and may not be totally representative.

2.        The Dragon Force/RG65 class was only introduced part way through the season.

3.        The restricted number of RM results available resulted in a three way tie at the top. Using the “most 1st positions” method the winner was resolved. However it was not possible to separate 2nd and 3rd.

snipped 201411 09 DFRGWS2013-4

snipped 201411 09 IOMWS2013-4

snipped 201411 09 RMWS2013-4


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