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ZEN’S TANKARD 5TH August 2012

Six boats came to the line 4 Marblehead and two I.O.M’s , the day was bright and sunny with a steady breeze about 8/10 knots from the south south west enabling a good windward leeward course to be set , The start was just on the edge of the bay and after a little fussing about the fleet got away to a good start , weed became a problem in that virtually every boat in every race was affected by it and some boats electing to sail close to the shore so the skippers could affect a quick weed clear from fins and rudders , Gordon posted the first win in what was to be very even racing with no one boat having a clear advantage , Race two was won by Ivan and race three by David with his I.O.M “knot a clew “, Then it was Gordon again , and so it went on through all six races, when the final results were worked out it was BOB and Ivan tying for first place but on countback Bob scraped it with two seconds, The results are posted below , for you all,,, but in the conversation that followed  there was talk of Mick being last ,,, for anybody who might have missed it !!!!  Pleasure for  some I am sure.

You may notice Mick and Colin tied for 4th place , But on count back you will see that Mick posted a win, and Colin did not .whether Colin’s DNF would have made a difference Is your little quiz for the week ,, answer’s please on a postcard .

Next week it Is I.O.M match racing , Most of us had a conversation at the lake on Sunday and it was decided that all the time we had weed on the lake we would not do the match racing ,, So That old saying “FREE SAILING” will take place , which means you bring you I.O.M and race just as hard as you would normally , record the results for your own satisfaction if you wish to , but they will not be added to the series results .
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