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Sunday dawned really nice and the forecast was for light northerly winds and sunshine . The Beaumont cup R.M  was run in the morning with 8 competitors coming to the line 5 R.M’s and 3 IOM’s ,, Now there has been some debate over whether I.O.M’s should race with the Marblehead but it was discussed and apparently the decision was that it was ok . at the lake it would appear that in strong winds the I.O.M would not stand a chance , but in the light they can more than hold there own , and so it was to be . The first race was won by Mick’s nuclear powered Mobster with Ivan coming in second and Bob in third , six races in all were sailed and a different winner in the first four races , the results are shown below and you can also see the updated series results as they have now been published Just one thing ,,, when Ivan and I were working out the sheets for the results Graham was given two discards which gave him a second on the day ,,, I have rectified our mistake and the results below are a true account            ( sorry Graham )

The Queen Mary sailing club trophy was sailed after a nice bit of lunch and cup of tea , only 5 Marbleheads contested the trophy over 6 races and  the result is as follows.


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