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The Fosse Trophy was run on Sunday 13th in a brisk wind from the West South Westish  that had the fleet sailing in B suit  , with no dingy sailors at all to worry about , Sunny but a chill wind . First blood went to Bob , with Graham coming in a close second a great start , David boy Gunson coming home in 5th with the Widget was not really where he wanted to be , The second race was won by Gordon, with David starting to get his act together and Graham slipping to 5th where incidently he came in all the remaining races , Consistant was a word I was looking for , Peter the new kid on the block had a good time sailing Davids Gadget and we hope to see more of him , Colin had a sort of up and down day with a best place of 2nd in the fourth race, and Ivan suffered from fiddly breakages that put him out of two races . The winner  wasDavid boy Gunson so congratulations to him and I am sure the celabrations went on well into the night RESULT AS FOLLOWS

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