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DF 95 summer series round two 14thMay 2023

Another good day at Lincoln From Pete W, great turnout 12 skippers

For those that missed it you missed a pleasant morning’s racing.

Pete W the RO arrived early and got the course set up for the forecast wind direction 210degrees. breeze was in and out but sailable.

In total 12 skippers turned up including a potential new member Steve Ward, radio sailing new to him, however experienced radio car racing. 

Mick Cooper had apparently checked his boat over, Pete W set it up and off he went, finishing mid fleet after 8 races I believe one to watch, I did advise he looks at the sailing rules but a great first days racing.

With a couple of the supposedly fast chaps at the Globals it gave others the opportunity to get up the leader board, Colin H didn’t need a 2nd chance and had some consistent podium results especially after the tea break. 

The start line calling was shared about and over the morning several course changes were required as the forecast wind didn’t actually happen, shifty switching on and off. A great lead didn’t mean a result ,concentration was a must as you could sail windward , leeward and tack without changing course on occasion. 

We raced off the east bank and after 8 races the time was up with a team effort to get the kit away in short order. 

Pete W won 5 of the 8 races with Colin H in 2nd and Kev E in third.

As Colin stated, close racing not many points separating groups of skippers. 

possible new member Steve Ward. 7th overall, with a third place in the 3rd race.

good luck to Mick C and Jen H at the G

Globals, hopefully the wind being more consistent at Fleetwood.

From Colin H

It was one of those tricky days. New member (Steve Ward) came along – and did really well! Cheerful and good-natured day of course. Much advice and emergency fixing on offer. Mostly from Pete – he sure has a knack for helping and settling people into it.

A proper friendly Club day.

Jeff Fisher was there – needed help with a repair from Pete. Eyes okish, but a bit shakey with hands. He’s a great bloke though, razor-sharp brain [he could do fleet board!] , and so funny to chat with 🙂

Some people had battery problems…. just saying….. 🤣

Let me guess , who had battery problems !!!!!!!! Sorry its late , but done from Fleetwood after a sumptuous dinner .

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