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RM Ranking at Lincoln 25th & 26th March 2023

My apologies for the lateness of this report on our website

Short report on Day 1 of the RM ranking at Lincoln which was won in fine style by Darin Ballington,

Darin Ballington winner of RM 1 at Lincoln

RM Ranking 2 , another short report

Results for the Marblehead Ranking 2 at Lincoln Radio Sailing Club.

After the hectic Saturday, a few beers and meal at the pub, a shorter night’s sleep than usual due to the BST change, 15 boats arrived for the Sunday event.

The A rig was hoisted by all for the morning races where we all enjoyed the racing in limit A rig conditions. These boats look so majestic in their top suit rigs and the racing remained as tight as the Saturday event was. Alas tight racing leads to some collisions and we lost a few boats during the day but as the day wore on and the breeze ebbed away the shifts became the be all and end all deciding each race, so often the right side was favoured and within a minute or two you were wishing you were on the left side of the course!

Inevitably someone had to come out on top and a three way battle for the podium spots was on all day between Graham Bantock, Rob Vice and Darin Ballington.

Graham started strongly, Rob had a good spell around lunch and Darin had his wins after his soup lunch which was offered to all by the host club.

The day was chilly but the applause was warming for the eventual winner Rob Vice from Graham and Darin.

Well done to all who survived unscathed and to those with bump, scraps or holes to fix I hope you enjoy the time in the workshop!

Micky C presenting Rob Vice with a nice little tipple , for winning RM 2 in style at Lincoln
Good breeze for the Skippers

More Pics here on Flickr By Gillian click the link below

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