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I.O.M Summer Series round 4, 29th May 2022

A smaller than usual, but still enthusiastic and competitive fleet, lined up for the latest round of the LRSC Summer IOM series on Sunday May 29th. A northerly breeze coming diagonally across the lake at Scotland Farm, causes difficulty for any RO and skippers, and Darin B was the RO struggling on this day. He managed to set a series of courses that whilst not as long as usual produced close racing with various skippers taking a win, a good start helped but was not essential as the shifty breeze did allow overtaking and most skippers experienced the joys of the ladders, but also the pain of the snakes, even those normally at the front were not immune from these. Racing started at 10.00am prompt and despite a few course changes a full set of 12 races was completed just before 1.00pm, in fact skippers were enjoying themselves so much that an additional 13th race was enthusiastically sailed before the morning’s racing was drawn to a conclusion. 

The scoresheet below shows the final scores, but this doesn’t tell the full story as the consistency of the skippers is improving and with no breakdowns and evenly matched boats the difference between a good result and the other end of the fleet is getting narrower.

A group effort got all of the gear away in a timely fashion and the weather, although cold on arrival, turned into a lovely day, not quite a shorts and T-shirt day, but still pleasant enough to see skippers sitting around and chatting after the racing had completed, although maybe Tony would have preferred to have got going rather than wait for the recovery truck to get his car started after leaving the door open all morning. A suggestion to the committee may be to get a set of jump leads to keep in the club house as this will no doubt happen again!

Many thanks to all those helping Darin run the day and next weekend’s IOM round 5 should see some of the regulars back again but they shouldn’t expect to have it all their own way!

Don’t forget that visitors are always welcome, if you fancy a morning’s competitive racing just send an email to Mick C or Jen and get your name down. 

Just a Quick Note it is I.O.M Round 5 next weekend , Sunday June the 5th

Below is an old Picture , perhaps when Lincoln hosted the Nationals

Darin with his old BP a few years ago at the farm
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