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I.O.M Winter series round 10, 27th February 2022

Wow, I guess I always say that just lately, A fresh South Easterly greeted 17 skippers, a tad chilly to start, but with wall to wall sunshine and a brisk three full length beats, you soon warmed up, Pete W 65 fast and comfortable with A suit ( choice of most) he blitzed the first race with his Venti with Adrian C 77 in the Sedici 2nd , Mick Ch 46 taking 3rd spot. race two Chris E 74 got going and took the next two bullet’s, Racing was a little one sided in that it was a long starboard beat and a couple of short port tacks , it did improve as the morning wore on as the wind backed further into the East. Chris G , OOD for the morning kept racing going at a steady pace with most skippers taking a turn on observing start line duties, but still racing of course, the racing was fast and furious throughout the fleet and at the top end of A rig, words got a little more heated than was necessary at times, and we must all try and contain our emotions!!!! the wind picked up after race five and one or two changed down to B rig and this gave Rob W 97 his first deserved win Chris E 74 took the last race still sporting his A rig . The power of the Brit Pop and Chris’s experience shining through despite the strong challenge of the two Venti’s , who it would appear need to up there game a little .

Many thanks to OOD and helpers , a great day for racing at Lincoln, and with two rounds to go ” it could be all Over ” you will have to do the maths , thanks again to all the skippers who are supporting the club.

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