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DF 95 Winter series round 5 ,, 6th Feb 2022

What a day!  Believe it started with A rigs, then B’s and finally C’s.  At times there were white horses and serious waves!  

C rigged boats heeling 80degs and unable to either tack or gybe!  

Day started with 10 boats but at the end down to 3/4 boats due to skippers not having small enough rigs for the conditions.

A bit of rain, a bit of sun, mainly cloud and brass monkeys in the wind.

Everyone who turned up to sail today were utter heros!

It could be very interesting next week at the open if we get a repeat of these conditions!

Cheers, Peter, Hellen

Well done everybody looks like I missed a cracking day , Congrats to Pete W for the win

  Pics all from Alan E great stuff 40 knots i am told

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