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DF 95 Winter series round 4 16th January 2022

Wow,,, After all the ice reported throughout the midlands Lincoln escaped and had some very good racing at Scotland farm. 13 skippers showed up including two visitors David Geldard and Colin Toll, I hope they enjoyed the racing.

The wind was light from the South West and was fairly constant enabling the course to be set on the East bank, Mike and Maryann were the OOD’s and worked well together as a team, ( Husband and Wife ) with I noticed Maryann tearing around in the dingy to rescue a boat very well done. First race was won by Mick C 46 with the other Mick C 53 in close attendance and David G in third, it was three full beats ,so a long course, Mike W 76 took the next two bullets and the battle was on, with little contests going on throughout the fleet. Race four could have seen at least a second place for David G but with two metre’s to the finish line ran into a big clump of weed and came to a complete standstill and needed rescuing allowing Mick C 46 to take the win and Pete Cogill to take second spot, Mick C 53 managed to take third spot, which helped in his overall position, and kept him in the game,

Jen Hand was not having the best of days just not finding the speed she usually has. Chris G 489 was enjoying his racing with the boat he brought from Chaz Jordan, and came good at the end with a couple of seconds places against the unstoppable Mick C 46 . Chris G 489 despite trying so hard to use a new rule in the rule book ,to try and gain an unfair advantage,( still looking for the rule ) on no less than two occasions whilst behind,,, he warned Mick C 46 that his shoe laces were undone, causing him to look down and loose concentration ,, and then being told it was the other boot,,,,, this behaviour needs to stop HA HA , Mick managed to take the last three Bullets and take the honours for the day, which was raced in an unbelievable great spirit. Many thanks to all who made a great day of racing and many thanks to the OOD and helpers .

Very well done Mick C 46 for the win , keep your eye on the calendar for the next round .

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