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Fun day of racing 2nd January 2022 at Lincoln

INCLUDING Pete Walters

Well 2022could not have started any worse for me at 0630 on Sunday morning not feeling too good , I did a lateral flow test , and it was positive. but as I do the entry post here , I am feeling fine , Sounds like everybody had a great day with the weather and the racing , so over to Pete who very kindly did the race report and gave us a couple of pictures, well done everybody and a huge welcome back to the club Darin Ballington . he will I am sure, add loads, to the hugely competitive I.O.M fleet,

What a cracking morning blue sky, good breeze with the odd major gusts to get you thinking. 2 fleets sailing on the east bank. IOM first off with the DF95’s a  minute later. Darren who had arrived earlier had laid two gates as the windward. IOM around one with the 95’s rounding the gate nearer the east bank. Both fleets had around 8 entries with Jen swopping to her 95 for the 2nd half. Winners, Mike William’s 95’s Darren IOM. both getting several race wins during the 8 to 10 races completed. Last race finished just after 1pm. Winners getting the first choice of donated raffle stuff ,with Darren putting his back in, Mike then drew the sail numbers with several skippers selecting a raffle prize before they ran out. Darren winning the last chocolate orange.  Great mornings racing with polite exchanges over rule infringement. Might be worth considering an Open event 1st of the Year in the future, the two fleets worked well with no more crossing incidents than normal. Get well soon Mick, you missed a great morning. Pete W.

Cheers guys and gals see you next week ok late edition,, below are results, you are all winners .

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