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DF65 Winter series round one 31st October 2021

The Dog did not play !!!!

Rain , what rain, Far too much for most skipper’s who just pulled the duvet up a little higher and enjoyed an extra hour or morning in bed.

For those that did turn up, 7 very hardy boys and girls , I am not sure if they were rewarded, scolded or just drenched to within an inch of their lives, and still they smiled, its not the first time I have seen standing water on the banks, and I am thinking it may add a couple of inches to the lake come next week .

Anyway on to the sailing, Both OOD’s turned up for their duties making 9 off us in total ,, well done Roger and Peter our OOD’s and a quick course was set on the South bank with two long beats and a run, B suits were selected for the first three races, and it was about right, except for a large very fluky 25 yard patch near the weather mark that caused lots of problems for all skippers, I did hear someone say the sun was due to come out very soon, personally I did not wait and was loading my DF 65 into the car ready for a swift retreat home, I was not the first Adrian had already departed, so after three races where we had both had a win, we left the scene of the crime.

I believe , although no evidence, that the fleet changed up to A rig after race three and have to say the rain came harder but the wind abated, it was really a battle between Jen , Pete and Dave, Jen winning the battle of first places with three wins, but could not quite match the consistency of Pete who won the day by one point, from Jen with Dave 2 points adrift, and also well done to Pete Webster and Alan Edgar for sticking it out. It was an awful day so don’t let anybody tell you different,,,, just have a look at the 6 metre Nationals in Norwich report , if you need confirmation.

Well done the race team who for the first time scored the finishing from the protection of the club house to keep scoresheet dry, and every body who got the show on the road , congrats to Pete for winning round one and I am sure he will face tough competition in future rounds of this exciting class.

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