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DF 95 Round 6 29th August 2021

Eight skippers turned up on Sunday August Bank Holiday, the day was cool and cloudy with variable, at times, light NNE winds.

The East bank was used and the course set with two beats, broad reach and a run home.

The first hour of sailing was hampered with floating weed which affected everyone at some stage.

Second and third sessions were a lot better with very little weed but CJ 489 kept his helper very busy managing to find what was left.

Some exciting racing was had with the results showing four different skippers winning. Mike Williams AOOD kept matters in hand reminding skippers when turns were needed.

We must give a big thank yo to MaryAnn Williams for sitting for 3 plus hours collating results and taking responsibility for the start and finish line. MW 489 was brought back three times for being over the line, naughty hubby, and he was not the only one, well played MaryAnn.

Racing today made my OOD easy with everyone playing their part in fair racing and with all the help that was needed.

Thank You Gordon B

Gordon won the day with 4 wins and second place Alan also with 4 wins , slight mistake on scoring as you can see Chaz on countback beat Peter and I forgot to press the sort button . Mick Ch

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