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DF 65 Summer series round 2, 30th May 2021

High pressure and very little breeze, but twelve skippers were out and OOD Adrian managed to sqeeze in 11 races before dashing off back to work, Would have been 13 but Billy Mac complaned of feelng unwell and went home ( hope your ok Billy ) Pete Walters did very well yet again and held off the challenge from Jen, Keith, and Dave and no one mentioned Lottery, but the cream always rises and Pete is certainly sailing very well in all classes. Mick C and Gordon B made a return to racing but both spent most of the time sitting on the bench in the middle of the course after the start They both enjoyed thereselves but at times the sun was a little too hot. It was nice to see Allan Bradley back after a long lay off. We do not want to many frustrating days such as these, but it is all a leaning experience .

Well done to Pete and many thanks to Adrian and all the helpers to sort the kit out and put it away, We look forward to next weeks I.O.M racing and to see who has won the June ” SCOTTO”

Quite light for the Dragons
come here often

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