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I.O.M Summer Series Round 4. 16th May 2021

Not what was forecasted !!!!!!. Chris Elliott RO, and the weather forecast suggested earlier in the week 10mph gusting 16mph, dream on, standard weather forecast predicting hell and then it turns into nothing, Chris did a great job of getting racing in, and on occasion we beat all the way around the two laps or reached or had a run, the breeze came in from all directions at once on occasions. Major concentration on your jibs tailtails was essential. I believe 8 races were completed with the usual suspects near or at the front for the majority of the racing. Pete W 65 had a new suit of moulded sails,from Europe and they seemed to work very well, not the same can be said of the skipper when the conditions became mirror like. Tim H 44 was regular near or at the front together with Chris E 74, quite a feat considering he was also running the racing. Write up by Pete W many thanks

Pete W 65 started well to take the first race in very little breeze closely followed by Pete C 110 who also had a set of moulded sails. ( I am Saying nothing !!!) Tim H 44 took third spot, but won race two ,, as Pete said above conditions were very light and flukey and one minute you would be king and the next no where. Around race 4 we had an almighty thunderstorm and hail stones and the wind went 180 degrees and Chris changed the course. Pete W certainly had problems with this course and posted his worst results while Chris E posted his best, but by race 7 the breeze what there was , returned to the South West, As an observer,, the racing was interesting to watch, and I am sure very frustrating for the Skippers.

It was a good turnout and could easily have been 16/17 skippers out but maybe the weather man who took over from Michael Fish scared them off, Last two races were won by the Sedici of Pete W, perhaps more may be said about those sails from Europe ???? It was tight at the top 1 point seperated 1st and 2nd , results below

Well done to the race team and all helpers especially Roger B , and thanks to all skippers for making it a pleasant morning Great to see Roger Bacon back racing.

Pictures thanks to Alan Edgar .

After the racing 3 were left, 139, 65,162. We had a 3 boat tuning session with the most consistent breeze of the day. Heavy rain stopped play about 1530.

Brit Pop and Sedici going well in the light
Sqeezzee on the start line
finishing team
162 on the move

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