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Write up from Alan Newman , many thanks Alan

Nine Skippers turned out for this ‘social racing’ event on a pleasant, if crisp sunny morning but what a ‘blow’ (windwise that is !) coming almost straight down the lake from the NNE road-end of the lake. Most skippers starting the event with C Rig and the Dragons performed brilliantly, Skips permitting !!

Volunteer OOD Jenny set a ziz-zag course from the club-house end of the lake, which gave good scope, separation for different approaches to the weather mark and a VERY lively run back towards the club-house end finish !

Although winds stayed strong throughout the morning they eased sufficiently midway allowing a change to B rigs and these great little boats continued to provide highly competitive racing for the remainder of the morning. Keith Holmes won, his domination of the event amply demonstrated by his 2 discards being a 3rd and 4th !!!. Oh to dream of having such racing skills as him or Pete W and OOD Jen H who both sailed consistently for well deserved 2nd and 3rd spots respectively. Further down the tables, racing was close but fun with the lake ‘behaving well’ and few skippers experiencing ‘dreaded weed’ although deploying the safety boat to retrieve a casualty from a distant buoy stirred things up slightly for a short time. Had you been close enough you would have heard the ‘editor’ of these notes cursing quietly when, approaching a tight close finish, his boat hit weed refusing to turn before travelling the wrong side of the line and thus losing a place!

Anyway, all in all a pleasant morning, thanks to Jenny as OOD, for the good sailing spirit and here’s to the next one !

(N.B The only minor issue of the day,( for which please excuse this gentle reminder) is the current need to maintain ‘covid social distancing’ during racing for which bank-side poles are placed. Please observe a 2-way traffic system round them staying waterside on first beat, and return on outside of bank poles. Thanks to all for the good humour when occasional reminders were needed. See you for the next Dragon event !!!

All Pictures many thanks Sue Brown , Currently in Loch Ness ,, beware the Monster

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