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I.O.M Social Racing 20th September 2020

A good day at the lake, warm a north Easterly breeze around 8/10 knots, slightly chilly to stat but when the sun came out it was nice and warm and jackets came off. A new rule for the club was that face masks must be worn when racing and in the control area, this to try and protect all at the club and i am pleased to say it was backed 100 % well done everybody.

We were missing some skippers, but 9 turned up and were not dissapointed in the quality of racing, tip for the day was to have a check list when you put your gear in the car , a fin and bulb tend to work well in most conditions, say no more, It was a good two beats, a run, and a short beat to the finish, it was almost straight up and down the east bank, Jen Hand got things started prompt at 0950 hrs with the briefing, and the first race started bang on time Mick Chamberlain was so keen he forgot to turn on the electrics so was out of contention in the first race that was won by Dave Rigby with the Vision, Jen second and the returning Chris E third. Race two and Mick C took the win, te wind being very shifty both on the beat and the run caught a few out Dave R got second and Pete W third, Mick won the third race, with Jen taking second and Dave R third, racing was very nip and tuck between most of the fleet and must have been quite exciting to watch, Mike W did our scoring for us and we are very grateful for that.

Race four had Peter C taking top spot and Chris E after a couple brushes with salad in the previous two races took second, Mick C took third and was dissapointed not to win it after leading for 90 % of the race, As you can see from the results below it was good racing, and everyone enjoyed the morning, After a bad start Mick C to the honours on the day,

Many thanks to all the skippers who helped get stuff ready and also put it away, Behavior at the lake was impeccable, just one little incident at the weather mark !!!!! that raised a few eyebrows, just joking . well done all.

Nice to see 8 different designs on show.

Racing at Scotland farn
racing at Wst Kirby
Great I.O.M racing

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