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What a fantastic morning of racing, 12 skippers came out to play. The rules and guidlines that club members are to follow , to keep each other safe are explained before racing, use of available hand sanitizers are encouraged, as is distancing along the banks.

A good breeze from the South West around 12 knots helped when a long course with three good dog leggy beats and two runs along the East bank, the skippers using an anti clockwise control area ensuring skippers stayed distant, Mick Chamberlain got off to a cracking start with the Sedici and would have won the first three races if only he could remember the course that he set at the outset,, !!!! ( quite a regular thing we are told ) Tim Hand took the second race from Dave Rigby. Pete Walters was unusually slow out of the blocks, but have to say it’s August and there was a touch of floaty salad that could just stump your growth, and in fairness everybody got a bit at some stage ( but also this year is the least we have been affected) and it was quite exciting to watch the pit stops at all sorts of unusual places , feet even got wet, shoes were discarded,, also the new jetty down by the gate / start line was fantastic . Thanks Gordon and the boys ala wed gang.

It was interesting that 11 different designs were sailed on the day and also interesting that some of our skippers have not yet come out to play , Bob G , Adrian C, Keith H, Rob W, and more . The fleet is strong and the racing second to none at the club. It was good to see Greg C 21 have a couple of good races and also Peter Cogill sailing a lot better. All in all, a good mornings racing and just a note,,,,, the summer series we race 10 am till 1pm and in the winter 10 am till 12 30 , many thanks to all for helping with the essentials. Sedici on top of the pile this week, boat was on fire , ( the twist in the mainsail was ” epic” !!!, but in two weeks it could well be a different story, There are in fact 4 Sedici’s at the club now be nice to see them all out one day, Before I go Pete Walters was lucky with the ” SCOTTO ” again !!!!! but like I always say ” you gotta be in it to win it “



2 World champions
Lintel and Vision


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