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DF 95 Winter series round 7


A breezy morning greeted 11 skippers for some fast mainly B suit racing up and down the East bank. Keith H was on fire all morning winning the first race getting a second in race two and then winning the remaining five, Pete Wa had a great morning and managed to take race two but was unable to stop Keith rampage. Roger Bowtle was sailing the first 4 races with his C suit and was well in contention and could have won a couple , when the wind gust’s were strong and long and the B suiters were Finding it tough. Mick Ch normaly pretty quick was given a lesson today in a fleet that is steadily inproving, Our two newest skippers Greg and Tony having only just got their 95’s only had an A rig ready and it was far to windy for that , Kindly Greg and Tony stayed around and learnt a bit and also helped with doing the scoring.

Just a word of thanks to Roger b who always get the kit ready for racing when he is around and all the other helpers who helped get everything sorted in the absense of and official OOD .

A good mornings racing and a huge well done to Keith for the win ( almost whitewash ) in very breezy conditions .

This was the final race in the series So Jen will now sort out the final standings with discards and they will be posted ASAP

Keith on a calm day

95’s racing somewhere near you !!! many thanks Sue Brown for the piccy

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