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DF 65 Winter series round 3 20th December 2019

A nice day as it turned out, and a lot of water in the lake 12 skippers and there could have been at least a couple more except for work and illness.

write up below from Jen

Those who went Christmas Shoping on Sunday could well have had a less
stressful time if they had come down to the lake.
After all the rain during the week, we were pleased that after some
early light drizzel, by the time we got racing it had stopped, and we
only had to contend with the level of the water in the lake, and unless
you had wellies, you had wet feet.
12 DF 65 skippers made a start on the East Bank ( The one near the
Road???) in light winds and A+ rig.  It was a good long beat up the lake
towards the Clubhouse, and then run back to the leeward mark, before a
final beat up to the finish.  Racing was tight throughout the fleet.
Our experienced skippers helped tweek a few of the 65’s which saw an
improvement in their performance.
Coffee break was minus the Hot Mulled Wine of last week as Mick Ch had
had to work, but we did manage some mince pies.  With the wind swinging,
we moved to the other???? bank after the break, again with a good long
beat and run.   Seven races were completed
The star of the morning was Keith Holmes, with Peter Walters  and his
new/first time out/boat bought on Ebay a worthy 2nd, closely followed by

and write up from Mick Co

The weatherman promised winds of 9mph with gusts of up to 16 with a drizzling of rain from 9 to 10 o’clock, he wasn’t far out.
Od’s were Roger Bacon and Pete Webster, it was good to see both Rogers back in the frame. A course was set on the road bank and at 10 o’clock the drizzle almost stopped and the sun made an appearance.
Mick Cooper made an impressive start and finish 1st in the first race .(a somewhat unusual occurrence). After 4 races a move was made to the South  bank on the left as the wind had changed.
The remaining races came and went very quickly. Keith Holmes sailed his usual way, quick, fast with very few wrong moves. Pete Walters, skillful, a good reader of the situation and quick to capitalise on other people’s mistakes, one to watch and learn from. Jen Hand, quick when she gets it right but always plays a high percentage points game.
The rest do our very best but all still trying to climb the greasy pole.
The bonus is that we are all improving with the skill and knowledge needed to make these Dragon 65s fly.
The finish was at 12.30 with conditions almost perfect, bright sunshine and steady winds. Perhaps on days like this a short extention of the races could be considered.
Merry Christmas to you all and a happy and healthy New Year.
Thanks to Roger Bacon and Peter Webster for keeping us all in order and to Roger Bowtle for getting everything ready and all the little helpers .

Many thanks to Jen and Mick Co for the write ups and geoff for the scores,,  great fleet at the lake may it continue in 2020


Some great shots of DF 65’s racing at various events around the uk credit to Sue Brown in most if not all case for being hot with the camera .

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