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Df 95 Winter series round one 27th October 2019

Wow AND WOW in Capitol letters , After the rain we have had over the last few days and especially last night, It was such a nice surprise for 12 skippers to be greeted with wall to wall sunshine and a great north westerly around 10 / 14 knots .  Mick Ch and Gordon sorted out the course whilst Jen got an early start on the Portaloo ready for next weekend , Sailing was going to be on the South bank with three great beats and two runs to a gate., It was perfect, only glitch was the starter misfired 2/3 times , an Electrical  short maybe, it was intermitent and Jen continued the countown when it misfired, Mick Ch was on fire today, the racing started in A suit for the preambles and the first race, but it was clear before the race ended that B suit was required, and so the race team gave 15 minutes for almost everybody to change down to B suit  Racing restarted with all but one skipper on B suit. the top five skippers were all on B suit ,  Jen and Keith and Gordon were trying there hardest in the waves and Pete our new member was going well but the conditions and the waves made life difficult. it was looking like a white wash but Keith managed to get the win in race 6. The racing was superb all morning. The level of the lake is rising alarmingly and probably another foot of water and we could be raising all the jetty’s again !!!!!

Well done to everybody for helping out, and getting the dingy put away , and a great turnout for round one of the series

Suport the club and come sailing for a couple of hours on a Sunday morning.   results below


Looks like a port starboard coming up .

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