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I.O.M Summer Series Round 11 1st September 2019

Steady day decent breeze , blue sky , 10 skippers , including a couple of very welcome guests, Racing started on the east bank and stayed there all morning, Wind veered a bit and picked up a knot or two , but it was great racing. Mick Cooper won the first two races, well done to him it was well sailed ( but he was a bit shocked himself) ,,, Mick Chamberlain won the next two , with Chris Elliott wining race five, Gotta say there was a bit of salad around and severall pit stops had to be made. Peter Cogill has got his V9 fired up and had some very consistant results, Chris Graves was fortunate in more ways than one, He won the August “SCOTTO” and went home loaded, But before the final outcome,,, I must tell you about race 7 ,, we had done about 50 yards of the first beat and the heavans opened its bomb doors and it chucked it down like a monsoon, not only that but the wind veered 10 more degrees and increased to maybee 25 knots , boats were wiping out all over the place, diving and the course was strewn with wreckage, gotta say The Sedici of Mick Chamberlain took off and went ,,,, call it luck call it what you want but it managed to win the race by more than a whole leg quite easily, on coming ashore ( and Mick said the mast was bending quite a lot ) he noticed a broken shroud. End of story for the day, well only five finishers in that race and as quick as it came it went so by race six it was back to 10 knots , pretty exciting stuff while it lasted.

Upshot is the result went to Chris Graves,,, on top of his winnings , so well done to him. Cruise Booked !!!1

Many thanks to the OOD’S and helpers , great racing . I should also mention a chappy ( forgot his name sorry ) who came down from Newark with his DF 95 and raced with us. Hopefully he will come and join us again and we are on the lookout for a I.O.M for him, Keith Holmes has one I know.

till next time results below

Chris Grave’s a double winner in Round 11

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