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DF 65 Summer Series Round 2 12th May 2019


A foggy misty calm scene greeted the skippers as they arrived at the lake, A little raking at the sides of the lake to get rid of the salad prior to racing and some idle chit chat continued,,  because racing did not really look like it was going to happen on the glassy smooth surface of the lake, but hey presto, we had 11 eager skippers and unfortunatley a few who did not make it cos most of the roads around Lincoln were closed for a bike race,

Racing got started on time 2 knots maybe 3 knots of wind and straight out of the blocks was Keith H followed by Alan N with his new yellow peril, Mick C could not get going at all despite using his super light green Icarex sails, Ivan won race 2  with Billy Mac close behind , and Adrian C started bad but improved as the morning wore on (slowly,,,,) in fact after race 2 tea break was called while we waited for some wind, 20 minutes later we had maybe 3/4 knots and it was pleasant light airs sailing for all Adrian had his best spell with two 2nd’s and a 1st. In the end we had six races that allowed one discard and was won by King Keith so well done to him because at time it was extremley frustratingly slow going.

Well done to all the helpers and the OOD’s Keep your eye open for the series results which should be up in the next couple of days and lets have a great turnout for round 3

snipped 201905 12 DF65 SS 2


DF 65’s at Manor park in 2018

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