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DF 65 Winter Series Round 3 9th December 2018

A very nice mornings racing at scotland farm, A good steady breeze from the North West sunshine mulled wine and mince pies and all 13 skippers enjoyed the morning, even Albert Allen who is also known as Alan Edgar ( sorry Allen the name on the sheet was dificult to read and the compiler had one of those err moments )

Mick chamberlain started well on A + rig with a couple of bullitts and a second but went downhill shortly after Phil started slow and finished with three bullitts inj a row all on A rig , the wind was to be frank between the two rigs and got stronger as the morning wore on Roger B showed some great form as did Gordon B and Peter W probably sailed the best he has ever sailed, so well done to all.

Many thanks to Sue for warming up the mulled wine and dishing out the mince pies, Thanks also to Mick for having a little teach in on the DF 65 before we started ( hope it helped ) and also thanks to the race team for getting 8 quite long races in on a fabulous December Morning.

Scores below and congratulations to Phil for his win after a tricky start , we shall now look to the next round on the 30th December  the last of 2018.

see note below re scores not being sorted

snipped 201812 09 DF65 WS 3

My apologies to all but I have had a glitch in the programme and cannot sort the finishing order. I am sure I can fix it but have published the unsorted sheet so that the due process can continue.



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