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DF 95 Winter series Round two

Great turnout for this up and coming class at the club, 11 skippers arrived and with no wind forecast what could you expect,.,                                         Correct no blooming wind.

Race officer Billy Mac got stuff organised along with great help from Roger Bowtle and other members. Sailing took place on the East bank with a double zig zag to keep the boats closer to the bank. Dave Burke returning from a long lay off took the first race but it was never going to be easy, Keith sailing 39 sailed nice and steady and got some good results before the break, after a cup of strong coffee he did even better recording two bullits The fleet has suddenly bulked up from 4 ish boats to 11 and I do know three more skippers have managed to remortgage their houses and get boats so if the weather is kind we could have 13/14 boats out for round three. Tips on tuning will continue should anybody need it. all in all a great mornings racing in 1 to 2 knots if that.

Well done to Kieth or is it Keith for the top step of the podium and thanks to everybody for making it an enjoyable morning and staying to help put the stuff away



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