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IOM Summer Series Round 5 29th July 2018

Cold Wet Miserable,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!  you must be joking, The wind from the south east was a tad blustry the rain held off most of the time and the racing was fast and furious with some great races from the South Bank, more good news ,, the big jetty is now usable, more good news ,,,, no frigging weed at all.

Only seven of us but the race team Jen and Peter did a grand job and we all had fun. B suit was the order of the day for all and the gust had the boats doing a bit of diving at times , the beat had some big shifts and you played them or died. Chris Graves had the perfect trim and controlled the racing from the front, Mick Chamberlain wished he had stayed in the pub in Carenaevon, but hey it was truly great racing.

Very well done to Chris superb peformance

well done the race team


snipped 201807 29 IOM SS 5


Chris Graves winner of round 5

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