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DF 65 Summer Series round Five

A delightful summer morning , sunshine, gentle breeze, what more could one ask for, someone shouted ” Lake Mower” ok it was a little frustrating but we all got a little bit of the green stuff , but it look like we may be getting the better of it , nuff said for now . 9 skippers arrived one much earlier who was found up the farm fixing the ride on for us , thanks Roger B , It was a long course on the East bank full length in fact and two laps meant we had great racing but did slightly less races than normal, Keith started well with a bullitt but on race two Phil was snapping at his heels and in fact won race two and three and got a 4th in race four which is when cyba techo took hold and the sound fron Phil’s Tranny was saying ” Transmitter batteries low” over and over again , I noticed people moving away from Phil at an alarming rate, and that sad to say was his last race as he forgot to charge his spare . Gordon won race four, and then it was normal service with Keith taking the last three races . New boy Peter webster with his first ever racing experience got better as the morning progressed and will be pleased with his boat handling, Bob Geary fresh from a two week holiday also had some consistant results. at the end of the day the cream rose to the top and Keith took the honours so well done to him, many thanks to Phil and all his helpers for the OOD duties a plaesant morning was had by all with no balling and shouting, just how it should be , finally I would just like to mention , some of you may have noticed on the South bank, a prospective new member Chris and his wife Jane were practicing with a DF 95 to get the hang of radio sailing , we hope to see more of them both and can assure them once the knack is achieved it all becomes easy and we all welcome you at any time .




Bob Geary on the fine tune IE new batteries

Look out for round six

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