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Round 7 I.O.M Winter series.

Perfect conditions for the last round of the winter series, a third of the membership came and raced and loved every minute , with temperatures in the low 20’s  and a warm steady  Southerly breeze everybody was happy, OOD’s Darin and Allan set a course along the East bank and with three long beats and two runs there was plenty of time  and opportunity for place changes in the wind shifts and you needed to be on your toes to take advantage.

The usual suspects garnered mostly the first three places, But for once this was not all about the superstars, the racing here was about Mr ordinary        ( no disrespect ) Forget about B/P’s and V9’s ad flash boats coting a few bob , this was about Evos the AB4’s and the Lintels, with odd gadget thrown in and Young Roger Bowtle with his skiff like racer, that’s where the battles were won and lost. The near perfect conditions made for some real battles between these guys and if I picked out a stand out star, well they all were. Just look at the results and see for yourself, If you had been there you would have loved it . I took a few pictures on the day and will try and get them uploaded as soon as possible. Many thanks to the OOD’s and also many thanks to ED and Allan who came along to do the finishing line.


A few tips from the Master about rig tune before racing


Lintel and AB4 keeping the B/P’s honest


Rogers latest Boat looking good

Offwind racing to wing or not to wing ????

Both boats still on starboard , can 39 bear away round the mark or what ?????


Not all about radio racing at Scotland Farm , it’s lambing time again .

will try to publish more pics soon

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